Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 141005

Location: Astraios Colony

It has been a lovely weekend so far. With M'Reh and the Klingon Pegh no longer an issue, and The Apeiros dealt with for the time being, as well as the Armstrong on its way home... and the downgrading of our defstat to four... FOUR... for the first time in months and months... I'm almost giddy with a sense of peace that has been long overdue. I'm able to turn my attention to little things like gardens, friends, fall celebrations, even a little shopping in the local farmer's markets. Yesterday I took an entire day off, leaving the head of security in charge with strict orders not to call me. I spend a long lazy morning in my own garden, lunch in the little village of Slate, and the afternoon wandering the market and shops, looking for seeds and bulbs for planting, buying some garden impliments, and even some handmade clothing for relaxing around the house.

Hars was with me, of course, his conversation often comparing the goods and produce to that of other planets he has visited in his long career. He is walking better these days and smiles more often, although I catch a glimpse of sorrow and pain occasionally, time and the good doctors at Majel Hospital are helping him move on. He is so easy to be with, often reading or writing, able to just sit and look at the sky or enjoy the garden, and most interesting to talk to when he has something to say about an issue. His viewpoint is different from mine and its refreshing to speak to someone who has so much experience in Starfleet but no vested interest in politics or even the need to be 'right'. He was much respected as a Captain during his active duty years. I know sometimes the loss of his career has been difficult. Of course he's not perfect - who is - pain or frustration occasionally make themselves known, yet his own self-appraisal swiftly brings contrition for anything untoward he might have said that would cause an upset.

Today I plan much the same kind of thing as yesterday. Fruit from the garden to break the fast, attend an old traditional Astraionian naming ceremony, lunch with friends afterwards, a sleepy afternoon by the fire while the rain waters my flowers, a quiet dinner with Hars and an early night.

Tomorrow I'll think again on the Colony and all the various things that need to be maintained, repaired, assigned, delegated, and otherwise managed. But this day... just the pleasing ambience of autumn and the beauty around us...