Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 141111

Location: SS Astraios

The peace of home has been shattered. It is clear we are under attack. What is most upsetting is that we cannot fathom how these acts of sabotage have been carried out. Security measures are extremely tight, everyone is scanned prior to transporting to SS Astraios, anyone suspicious is taken aside for questioning. So how exactly does an alien agent get aboard? All I can think is that someone knows our routines well enough to know when we will be dropping shields for transport, or how we inspect incoming shuttles. It's easy to assume that the Pegh is behind these attempts.

The fact that one of their ships - cloaked or not - was able to approach the Astraios system without interference is troubling.

The sleeper agent we were searching for was known to have some kind of emitter or force field that would allow them to be scanned as human. Two agents were able to beam into our Reactor Room without being detected and, if their plot had not been discovered, the entire station would have been significantly damaged. Security grew even tighter yet a female Klingon managed to get on the station, find the lounge, and was able to place the numerous explosives she had somehow smuggled aboard, all without detection.

As I lie sleepless, I wonder how the Pegh came to have this kind of advanced technology... and who is helping them. Is there someone in my crew who is disloyal to me, the Colony, UFS? Who would it be? A new cadet... no, they don't have that kind of access or knowledge. It has to be a senior officer. Someone currently active as well, as the security measures, passwords and other restricted knowledge... are only known to those who are on regular duty. How do you even search for someone like that without alerting them to the search. How could they work among us, smile in the mess, laugh at a joke in the turbo, report calmly at briefings, knowing their actions will hurt or kill those with whom they work and play?

Or what if the sabotage is meant for us to look within, all eyes straining myopically to find a traitor, blind to the attack swiftly moving in?

Too many questions and not enough answers. And sleep, precious enough in these dark days... eludes me entirely.