Death at 20,000 kilometers

[AC Skynews 141107] ...An unidentified civilian died in the SS Astraios brig on stardate 141102 after being arrested by Starfleet Security. The female prisoner had been apprehended in the bar during a search of the spacestation. The sweep had been initiated following the broadcast of a bogus alert which had sent teams scrambling to the shuttle bay only to find nothing was amiss, prompting Commander Genny7 Markus to order a complete inspection of all areas. During the search by tactical teams, a woman identified as being at least partially Klingon was captured in the station’s lounge. Posing as a civilian bartender, she had placed explosives in several hollow fruits set out to decorate the bar for a festive event. If she had had enough time to complete her task the resulting damage to the station could have been severe, said Chief Engineer Karl Quar.

The response team arrested the woman and placed her in a holding cell on the Security deck, but when officers entered the chamber to begin an interrogation she was found lifeless on the bed. Medical assistance was requested but CMO Dr Breydon Lane was unable to revive her. The cause of death is yet to be determined but a toxic substance is suspected. Colony Chief Security, Captain Dolfke Barbosa, refused to answer questions regarding the presence of an saboteur aboard the station. Unnamed sources say, however, that the woman was identified as an agent for the Klingon Pegh… and unsubstantiated rumors say that the Pegh are receiving assistance from a member of the station’s crew.