Fall festival delights all

[AC Skynews 141031] ...As is tradition on the northern continent of the planet Astraios, the fall equinox is celebrated on the first day of the month of Kimberlite, somewhere in the months of September or October for Terran personnel. The Celebration commences at dawn, with a procession to the ancient Temple, where wreaths of grain and woven baskets of recently harvested fruits are placed at the base of the rocks that have stood in that place for time immemorial. Once gathered, the participants begin to hum, all eyes on the horizon, waiting for the first sight of the morning sun to peek above the horizon. Then, a chosen singer steps forth, flowers in her hair and in her arms, softly singing in the old dialect, a song of peace and thankfulness for the abundance the planet offers them. When the sun rises over the horizon and gleams upon the water, all voices join her in a thrilling chorus. Afterwards, a breakfast feast is held on the grass near the temple, and all are welcome to sample the many good treats made from natural ingredients grown in the gardens and on the farms. Much preparation goes into organizing the ceremony and feast, and hopes are high each year that the sun will not be hidden behind clouds on that day. Surprisingly, in the centuries that are recorded or remembered, that has only happened a handful of times. A good thing, as some say a rainy Festival bodes ill for the year ahead.