Sabotage on SS Astraios

[AC Skynews] ...At 1021 hours on stardate 141026, SS Astraios security teams reported a medical emergency on engineering deck. Cmdr Genny7 Markus quickly ordered the Alpha bridge crew to investigate and assist. A major explosion had occurred in the stations’ reactor room. The ship’s sensors had extinguished the flames, but still, when the team managed to get the doors open, steam and smoke poured out into the hallway. Inside, were several injured crew, extensive damage to some of the infrastructure, and one casualty. Fortunately the explosive had gone off early and the fusion reactor was undamaged. Remains of one unidentified humanoid were found encased in a wall behind a forcefield. Further examination established the deceased was a Klingon male, although how he materialized inside the bulkhead is as yet unknown. The station is currently under repair and off limits to any non-Starfleet personnel while a thorough investigation into the incident is conducted.