Starfleet declares DefStat Two

[AC Skynews 141114] ...Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are under lockdown after an alien vessel entered the Astraios System and approached the spacestation. A spokesperson for Starfleet gave a news conference Sunday after the latest incident, but would not give specific details as to the identity of the ship or how it had managed to penetrate so far into local space. Prior to this, several explosives were found in festive decorations on the lounge deck of SS Astraios. A woman, who claimed to be the bartender, was arrested and was later found dead in the station’s brig - the result of an apparent suicide. An earlier explosion had damaged part of the station’s Reactor Room and caused several casualties. The Colony Commander and official representatives for Starfleet have been tight-lipped about the reasons for these attacks, but unsubstantiated rumors suggest the Klingon Pegh may be involved.