Task Force deals with intergalatic intruders

[AC Skynews 141024] In a statement today, Fleet Captain Poison Toocool, Colony Commander for the Starfleet Colony on Astraios, answered limited questions on a recent military mission. Task Force Egress was assigned to deal with The Apeiros, a species from another galaxy who pose a threat to the Federation and its allies. A fleet of vessels, led by the USS Prophetic, travelled to the Varish system where the Apeiros had established a base and interfered with the lives of the peaceful natives, called Varishians. The situation was dangerous but through the diplomatic efforts of Starfleet the situation was brought under control, at least for now. Work to broker a peaceful solution continues, and a mediator is now at Varish IV, overseeing talks between the Apeiros factions and offering Federation assistance to those who wish to settle on uninhabited planets in the Quadrant in exchange for certain provisions, including non-interference with other species and inhabited worlds. The Task Force, commanded by FCapt Poison Toocool and Capt Wolfton Foulsbane, was deployed from stardate 140717 to 141012.