[3RG SkyNews 141120] ....The population of the northern continent of Astraios Prime (located deep inside the Gamma Quadrant) has been warned to prepare for a major storm this weekend, when two unusual occurrences will combine to create a potentially dangerous situation.

Winds gusting up to 120 kilometers an hour are expected to mix with cold northern air along the coast, whipping up snow flurries and producing white out conditions for land-based vehicles.

While the rare blizzard will make conditions extremely difficult for those on the ground, ships and stations skyward will fair no better due to a massive solar flare expected to affect systems and sensors throughout the system.

Ships have been ordered to move to a distance of at least one light year during the solar event, and objects like spacestations, satellites and other devices in orbit are advised to have shields at maximum during the solar storm.

The solar flares will increase the number of electrically charged particles entering the atmosphere, and scientists say the aurora over the northern axis of the planet should be larger and more colorful than ever. They admit, however, that the low clouds and snow of the predicted winter storm will probably obscure the light show from all eyes.

Effects of the two storms will begin to occur sometime early Friday morning (141121), and are expected to continue for the entire weekend. All residents are warned to stay indoors or seek shelter at certified facilities in order to keep warm and stay out of danger. It is hoped that skies will be clear and normal business will resume early Monday (141124).

Stores will remain open for 26 hours a day until ordered closed. It is recommended that you charge all batteries and ensure power relays to your replicators and heaters have been inspected. Keeping a couple of extra plasma packs with your other supplies is also a good idea, emergency officials say.

Stay safe, stay warm. Use of holosuites during this event is not recommended.

((OOC: 3RG will be offline this weekend for a major OpenSim upgrade. We're going Hypergrid!!!! :D ))