Stardate: 141212

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: Astraios Colony

Just finished another media scrum. Answered questions on the Klingon Pegh situation, what occurred and why. Again. But I was able to focus most of the interest on the news that our mission to explore the Galactic Core has begun in earnest. Three UFS ships, USS Hideki Yukawa (Nova), USS Warrior (Defiant) and USS Trinidad (Sabre), arrived at the Great Barrier some time past. After resting and recalibrating instruments, the Yukawa and Warrior set course into the Barrier. We received a signal from Trinidad - which sits on the outskirts of the Barrier, monitoring communications - to say that the two vessels were in good shape and heading further into the Core.

I rather envy them. It's a new frontier. Only our newest technology in engine design and shielding makes this possible. Yet it's still a perilous journey....

On the homefront, we have dropped DefStat from 2 to 3 now it appears the revenge of the Pegh members associated with M'Reh has ended with the destruction of a warbird on the outskirts of our system.

We had a lovely ceremony this past weekend, congratulating our new graduates from Academy, announcing promotions and awards... followed by a great Christmas dance with many from the local community as well as other planets. I was very pleased and it seems everyone had a great time.

Hard to believe another year is almost done. In January, it will be five years since I first set foot on Astraios. So much has happened in that time... but we are still here, despite the naysayers and the desertions, the attacks and the conflicts, we have survived due to the spirit of those who serve here... and the friendship of the native Astraionians.

Now paperwork is done, time for a cup of Earl Grey and some time at my piano. I am not very good at it, but I try.

Starfleet Reports: Message from Galactic Core

141212: [3RG AC Skynews] .... Two UFS ships have successfully crossed the Great Barrier and are now moving towards the Galactic Core, a Starfleet spokesman said today. “The Nova class USS Hideki Yukawa and Defiant class USS Warrior entered the Barrier two days ago and were able to transmit a signal to the USS Trinidad, Sabre class, which awaits them outside the core,” said Fleet Captain Poison Toocool. She went on to say that it’s only recent advances in shielding, engine design and other technologies which makes this exploration feasible. She declined to answer questions with regard to the purpose of the mission, other than to state that scientific curiosity is the mandate of Starfleet. She added: “The crews of all three ships are in good health and good spirits. We applaud their courage and wish them well on the remainder of their journey.”

Battle on the Bridge

[3RG AC Skynews] .... A Starfleet ship was boarded by rogue Klingons during a skirmish on the outskirts of the system last Sunday. Damage to the vessel was severe enough to allow an enraged revenge killer to reach the bridge and attack the officer commanding the vessel before being shot dead on the scene. Starfleet officials declined to comment further, but sources close to colony command say the confrontation was initiated by Klingons loyal to M’Reh, the former ambassador to the Astraionian Council for the Klingon Pegh. M’Reh disappeared into a spatial rift after firing an illegal weapon in the Astraios System some weeks ago.

Tensions have been high between the remaining Pegh representatives and Starfleet. The Pegh blame Fleet Captain Poison Toocool for M’Reh’s banishment from the Council and Astraios. This latest attempt to enter the Astraios system was foiled by the Argonaut, which, in spite of heavy damage, lost no crew in the exchange. Sources say a battle cruiser was destroyed and the remainder of the Klingon boarding party was captured by security before they could infiltrate any other sensitive areas of the intrepid class vessel.

In a brief statement, Toocool commended Commander Genny7 Markus and the Argonaut crew for their actions. “Make no mistake,” Toocool added, “the Argonaut only fired when fired upon. If they had not acted quickly, the consequences for Astraios Prime could have been severe.” Although she would not answer any further questions, it is suspected that the Klingon Vessel was preparing to fire an isolytic burst, which could have destroyed the entire Astraios system. The leader of the Astraionian Civilian Authority, Mr Lazuli Pookara, spoke in high praise for Starfleet and their continued efforts to protect Astraios prime and the Astraionian people. The attack and its aftermath will be the subject of a talk at the next Council meeting on Tuesday, he added. AC Skynews will be there to bring you all the latest.

Stardate: 141202

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: SS Astraios, Astraios Colony

The trip back from Pinastri was relatively uneventful. I stayed in my quarters for most of the trip, glad to have the time to study some reports and work on some projects of my own. Captain Foulsbane was willing to defer to my rank and have me command the vessel during the trip, but I demurred. He knows his ship much better than I.

The visit at Pinastri went quickly by, but I did have enough time to myself to be able to transport to one of the gardens I used to go to when I was a cadet. It was very quiet and it seemed no one was there, so I allowed myself to... ummm, well... take some rest and relaxation.

Toocool wandered the garden, listening to the birds and hearing the slow swish of the waves on the shore of the silky white sand. The air was warm as it always was there. Deep in the forest, in a small meadow, she shed her uniform and shoes, toes sinking into the warm earth. Stretching her hands towards the sky, her small body was as slim as the spruce trees around her. She closed her eyes, allowing the vision, so long held at bay, to come to her mind. Oh the pain, the delicious and almost unbearable pain that signalled freedom. It began within, her organs shifting, then her extremities, she moaned slightly, dropping down to the ground, writhing. Finally her face changed, growing hair and whiskers. But her eyes were the same. 

The she-wolf shook its body, and yawned. Sniffing the air, it moved away.

After a good long... walk in the gardens I felt better than I had in a long time. I sat on the beach in the sun and let myself dream as I bathed in the Terran rays. Memories came to me, of the old time, the time when I gave my heart only to lose it, and with it, the my only youngling. Sadness overwhelmed me for a time, but not badly. My life took a different direction because of that loss, and in so many ways I am glad of it. I have a family, all the officers and crew who look to me to lead and supply the answers. I have my work of exploration and discovery, discipline and duty. I teach those who come after me on the path. They are, in a way, my younglings. I watch over them, care for them, correct them when they go astray, and their welfare is chief in my thoughts every day.

After a snack of fruit and a long drink of water, I dressed in my uniform, returning to my guest quarters to shower and prepare for transport to the USS Prophetic, and the voyage home.

Storm abates

[141128]  (3RG AC News) ...A major winter storm hammered the northern continent of our planet over the past weekend. Fortunately the inhabitants of Astraios Prime took heed of the warnings - and this News Agency is pleased to report that as a result, there were no fatalities attributed to the weather. Now that the storm is over, repairs are being carried out to those buildings damaged by the strong winds and precipitation. The snow is being cleared away and, with the solar flares decreasing in strength, electrical systems are back on-line. Life is slowly getting back to normal. Businesses are mopping up, and merchants report an increase in sales.

Stardate: 141122

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: SS Tranquility, Pinastri Colony

Arrived safe via the USS Prophetic. Still getting used to this transwarp speed. Due to the Astraios Effect, we are unable to use it in the Astraios Sector nor the neighbouring sectors but once we left the restricted area we made the jump. Since I am seldom on long term deployment, I was interested to see how quickly we can travel through subspace. I am not sure if my molecules like it. I feel strangely off kilter.

This morning it was a pleasure to attend the social event hosted by those senior officers who accompanied me from Astraios, see some old friends and be introduced to some new faces. Afterwards I had several meetings and have made my situation report to Command.

We will remain here until Sunday noon and then begin the journey back. Long range communications with Astraios are presently obscured, but we trust the solar storm will have abated by the time we enter the Sector.

Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 141120

Location: SS Astraios

With the weather - planetary and system-wide - so bad this weekend, I've ordered all ships to keep at least one light year between the Astraios Sun and their vessel. Patrols will continue at this distance, and any ship attempting to enter this region of space will be stopped.

All non essential personnel have been evacuated to homes and shelters on the planet. SS Astraios shields have been thoroughly inspected and expected to stay at maximum for the three day event. Once they are up, no one will be leaving or arriving via transporter or shuttle.

Rather than stay imprisoned here, I have decided to hitch a ride aboard the USS Prophetic and travel to Pinastri. I will be able to brief Starfleet Command on our situation here in person.

Hars promises to keep watch of our garden home. We have covered our flower and vegetable beds and engineering has added an additional force field to our security system.

Now I need to pack for a few days away. I look forward to relaxing on the Prophetic, the reins of command taken out of my hands... by stormy weather.