Stardate: 141122

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: SS Tranquility, Pinastri Colony

Arrived safe via the USS Prophetic. Still getting used to this transwarp speed. Due to the Astraios Effect, we are unable to use it in the Astraios Sector nor the neighbouring sectors but once we left the restricted area we made the jump. Since I am seldom on long term deployment, I was interested to see how quickly we can travel through subspace. I am not sure if my molecules like it. I feel strangely off kilter.

This morning it was a pleasure to attend the social event hosted by those senior officers who accompanied me from Astraios, see some old friends and be introduced to some new faces. Afterwards I had several meetings and have made my situation report to Command.

We will remain here until Sunday noon and then begin the journey back. Long range communications with Astraios are presently obscured, but we trust the solar storm will have abated by the time we enter the Sector.