Stardate: 141212

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: Astraios Colony

Just finished another media scrum. Answered questions on the Klingon Pegh situation, what occurred and why. Again. But I was able to focus most of the interest on the news that our mission to explore the Galactic Core has begun in earnest. Three UFS ships, USS Hideki Yukawa (Nova), USS Warrior (Defiant) and USS Trinidad (Sabre), arrived at the Great Barrier some time past. After resting and recalibrating instruments, the Yukawa and Warrior set course into the Barrier. We received a signal from Trinidad - which sits on the outskirts of the Barrier, monitoring communications - to say that the two vessels were in good shape and heading further into the Core.

I rather envy them. It's a new frontier. Only our newest technology in engine design and shielding makes this possible. Yet it's still a perilous journey....

On the homefront, we have dropped DefStat from 2 to 3 now it appears the revenge of the Pegh members associated with M'Reh has ended with the destruction of a warbird on the outskirts of our system.

We had a lovely ceremony this past weekend, congratulating our new graduates from Academy, announcing promotions and awards... followed by a great Christmas dance with many from the local community as well as other planets. I was very pleased and it seems everyone had a great time.

Hard to believe another year is almost done. In January, it will be five years since I first set foot on Astraios. So much has happened in that time... but we are still here, despite the naysayers and the desertions, the attacks and the conflicts, we have survived due to the spirit of those who serve here... and the friendship of the native Astraionians.

Now paperwork is done, time for a cup of Earl Grey and some time at my piano. I am not very good at it, but I try.