Battle on the Bridge

[3RG AC Skynews] .... A Starfleet ship was boarded by rogue Klingons during a skirmish on the outskirts of the system last Sunday. Damage to the vessel was severe enough to allow an enraged revenge killer to reach the bridge and attack the officer commanding the vessel before being shot dead on the scene. Starfleet officials declined to comment further, but sources close to colony command say the confrontation was initiated by Klingons loyal to M’Reh, the former ambassador to the Astraionian Council for the Klingon Pegh. M’Reh disappeared into a spatial rift after firing an illegal weapon in the Astraios System some weeks ago.

Tensions have been high between the remaining Pegh representatives and Starfleet. The Pegh blame Fleet Captain Poison Toocool for M’Reh’s banishment from the Council and Astraios. This latest attempt to enter the Astraios system was foiled by the Argonaut, which, in spite of heavy damage, lost no crew in the exchange. Sources say a battle cruiser was destroyed and the remainder of the Klingon boarding party was captured by security before they could infiltrate any other sensitive areas of the intrepid class vessel.

In a brief statement, Toocool commended Commander Genny7 Markus and the Argonaut crew for their actions. “Make no mistake,” Toocool added, “the Argonaut only fired when fired upon. If they had not acted quickly, the consequences for Astraios Prime could have been severe.” Although she would not answer any further questions, it is suspected that the Klingon Vessel was preparing to fire an isolytic burst, which could have destroyed the entire Astraios system. The leader of the Astraionian Civilian Authority, Mr Lazuli Pookara, spoke in high praise for Starfleet and their continued efforts to protect Astraios prime and the Astraionian people. The attack and its aftermath will be the subject of a talk at the next Council meeting on Tuesday, he added. AC Skynews will be there to bring you all the latest.