Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 141120

Location: SS Astraios

With the weather - planetary and system-wide - so bad this weekend, I've ordered all ships to keep at least one light year between the Astraios Sun and their vessel. Patrols will continue at this distance, and any ship attempting to enter this region of space will be stopped.

All non essential personnel have been evacuated to homes and shelters on the planet. SS Astraios shields have been thoroughly inspected and expected to stay at maximum for the three day event. Once they are up, no one will be leaving or arriving via transporter or shuttle.

Rather than stay imprisoned here, I have decided to hitch a ride aboard the USS Prophetic and travel to Pinastri. I will be able to brief Starfleet Command on our situation here in person.

Hars promises to keep watch of our garden home. We have covered our flower and vegetable beds and engineering has added an additional force field to our security system.

Now I need to pack for a few days away. I look forward to relaxing on the Prophetic, the reins of command taken out of my hands... by stormy weather.