Starfleet Reports: Message from Galactic Core

141212: [3RG AC Skynews] .... Two UFS ships have successfully crossed the Great Barrier and are now moving towards the Galactic Core, a Starfleet spokesman said today. “The Nova class USS Hideki Yukawa and Defiant class USS Warrior entered the Barrier two days ago and were able to transmit a signal to the USS Trinidad, Sabre class, which awaits them outside the core,” said Fleet Captain Poison Toocool. She went on to say that it’s only recent advances in shielding, engine design and other technologies which makes this exploration feasible. She declined to answer questions with regard to the purpose of the mission, other than to state that scientific curiosity is the mandate of Starfleet. She added: “The crews of all three ships are in good health and good spirits. We applaud their courage and wish them well on the remainder of their journey.”