Stardate 150125

USS Argonaut Ship's Log, 
Location: rimward border Sector G-009D (Astraios)

On stardate 140113 a civilian transport left Earth, bound for Deep Space Nine. Aboard were the families of several serving Starfleet officers, as well as some adults headed to new jobs. The 'Atlas' was expected to enter spaceport at DS9 four days later. It never arrived. A search commenced in and around the last known coordinates, and messages sent to all Starfleet installations. The message was received and noted by SS Astraios. Given the distance from the Bajoran wormhole to Astraios Sector, the signal did not trigger any alarms and the need to conduct a local search in G-009D was considered unnecessary. 

The USS Temujin, enroute to Astraios from planet Insel with sensitive information aboard, entered the Takaar Nebula on stardate 150114 to avoid the military patrols from Treman. They detected a small vessel, also trying to avoid Tremanite contact, in some difficulties. The civilian ship was found in UFS records and had been flagged as possibly used for illegal purposes. A team was sent - over the protests of the owner - to search the vessel. There they found a girl in poor condition and the 'captain'. He was suspected of abducting and beating her, but it soon transpired that she was his sister and he had rescued her from space pirates. The civilian vessel, along with Idrissa and Souleymane Senghor, were brought to Astraios. Mr Senghor was interrogated at length while his sister was treated in Majel Community Hospital.

After questioning Mr Senghor herself, Fleet Captain Poison Toocool agreed to keep Idrissa Senghor at Starfleet Astraios, safe from harm, if in return, Souleymane assisted in a mission to rescue the rest of the women and children who had been on the Atlas. 

The USS Argonaut is heading towards the co-ordinates provided by Souleymane Senghor. The purpose of this Mission is to rescue the civilian captives and apprehend their captors; with the potential outcome of shutting down the trafficking in humanoids and sentient beings in Astraios and neighbouring Sectors. The ship is tasked with offering all aid and safety to the civilians, the goal is to eventually return the women and children to their homes in the Alpha Quadrant.

Having made a detour from the planned course to avoid a gravitational anomaly, and taking into the account the distance needed to be travelled, there is concern that the USS Argonaut may not reach the destination (an asteroid belt) in time to save the captives from being sold in the slave market, even at conventional high warp. Ships current position puts it within 30 light years of Astraios System and use of transwarp has been forbidden in this area as per orders of the Colony Commander.

"141128: Colony Science has confirmed reports that recent use of an illegal isolytic burst weapon within Sector G-009D (Astraios), combined with known variances of the Astraios Effect, may cause a danger to ships and crew if the transwarp threshold is crossed within proximity of the event horizon, located 7.38 billion km from the solar body within the Astraios system."

Time is of the essence. FCapt Toocool has called a briefing for 1000 hours 150125, to discuss options. A report ordered from the Science Department, regarding the possible use of the ship's transwarp drive within the restricted zone despite concerns about the Astraios Effect, is eagerly awaited, along with crucial information from other departments.


Stardate: 150121

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Ready Room, USS Argonaut 
Location: Border Sector G009D =====================

 How good it is to be on a ship again. I have focussed almost exclusively on the running of the Colony for the past several months, as so much needed to be done. We purchased additional land to expand our holdings and in order to be able to house more of our people in a natural and spacious manner. I feel it is tremendously important for the crew that serve on starships and stations, to have a pleasant and healthy environment when they are not on duty. Some of our deployments are months and even years long.

I am pleased to say that the 'House of Healing' I wished to construct on my personal acreage was competed just before we left. I was able to choose furnishings and ensure it was ready to receive the first patient from Majel Community Hospital. It is for those patients who don't really need to be in sickbay but who require some further observation and assistance before they may return home. I gave orders that Ms Idrissa Senghor be moved there when ready. Whether she admits it or not, she has been through a harrowing ordeal and needs time to heal. Not just from bruises and broken bones, but from the trauma of being held and threatened by the worst kind of sentient being. How I detest them...

 *She hesitates, visions of her own time with the slavers go through her mind. Hands clenched, she sits at her desk, feeling the pain again. Manhandled, insulted, drugged, stripped and ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Oh, she would have stopped them, in time. But drugged as she was she lost the clarity she needed in order to command what was within her. Anger rises. She brings her awareness back to the present, feeling the vibration of the ship as it moves at warp through the sector. Then she breathes slowly, deeply, forcing her mind to vision her garden, to remember the sound of the birds in the trees and the breeze on her face. The darkness fades from her mind. Her skin begins to glow faintly.*

Stardate: 150117

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
USS Argonaut Ready Room

I've calmed down now. It took two days, a lot of weeding in my garden and two long talks with Hars in order to find a place of peace inside myself. I am still conflicted. Unsure. That's unusual. But I must not appear so to my crew or to the people I lead. Above all, I wish to be fair and impartial. But that's all very cryptic, isn't it? Yes, well, as the humans say, 'it's a long story'.

It began on stardate... 150114. The USS Temujin, heading back from the Insel system with some sensitive data, wished to avoid any delay or issue with the Treman 'patrols'. (You'd laugh at the idea of a bunch of pirates and smugglers doing any kind of protective patrol... I think it's more a case of, 'you cannot pass - at least not without a deposit of latinum'.. *sniffs*) Hope decided to take the Temujin into the Takaar Nebula to confuse any Tremanite sensors, although that would play havoc with ship's systems & markedly slow them down. That worked, but while in there she came across a civilian vessel with two life signs. They declined any assistance even though it was obvious they were in trouble. Then tactical managed to get LCARS up for long enough to obtain a record of 'the Motherland' flagged as possibly being used in smuggling. Long story short, they boarded and found a man and a girl. She was badly beaten. It turned out though, that he had rescued her from slavers. Temujin towed their ship here, the girl - Idrissa - is in Majel hospital with severe dehydration, the man, Souleymane, was confined to quarters until questioned.

I met him when he was brought to the hospital to visit his sister. I recognized him right away. In a... flurry of memories my anger rose and choked me. I ordered him to the brig - over the protests of his sister. Later I questioned him about his part in my kidnapping, two years ago, by slavers. He claimed to have saved me... from them. I dimly remembered some of the details he spoke of. In the end I accepted his story.

 I made an... arrangement with him. He is to assist us to find the women and children who were taken from the civilian transport, Atlas. In return, we will take care of his sister, give her shelter and sustenance. And he may go free.

My instincts say there is a lot more to his story that he's not telling me. If he was around for my kidnapping two years ago, and if he's been involved with the Tremanite pirates... well, perhaps there's some information there for us. Or perhaps we're being led down the garden path to some unknown, but uncomfortable end.

I hope I haven't made a deal with the devil.

Ceremony & Celebration 150111

 4th Anniversary

United Federation Starfleet officials, officers and crew, friends and guests, thank you for your presence here today on this most special occasion. 

If you look around you, you’ll see the work of many hands. You’ll see the creativity of many minds. But what you will really see, is a dream.

This dream:  that we should come together as peoples of the universe to help, assist and inform each other. That we share the load, share the burden, the difficulties and the joys. That we should learn about each other so that we can respect and tolerate and even celebrate the differences between us.

I have learned that many have that dream. Living, sentient beings from planets so far away from the birthplace of Starfleet, that they never would have been imagined except in some old novel by Issac Asminov or in one of those old Terran moving picture shows.

This dream was born for humans one day in 2063, when Zefram Cochrane tested the first warp engine, and flew beyond the sky, to the stars, travelling at the speed of light to the first contact of homo sapiens with another species from the Milky Way Galaxy. From that day until this the Vulcans have been our friends. *She smiles to Capt Genny7 Markus

And so slowly humans began to explore the stars, curious and eager to know what was ‘out there’.

Each one of us, no matter what planet we come from, have a similar story. Someone had a dream. Someone built the technology, learned from disasters and repeated trying, until finally, success. Someone travelled at light speed into the heavens, and discovered a universe teeming with life.

And so we come today, all of us, together. Think of that. Think of the miracle that we have made. How astounding that humans landed on the moon in July 20, 1969. Less than 100 years later, the warp engine opened up the horizons. So much has happened since then, so many things. Yet the dream lives.

It lives in each new cadet who joins Starfleet, hoping to serve on a starship. It lives in each engineer who brainstorms and builds the technology that we need in order to make it so. It lives in the scientists who use our sensors and charts and probes to learn more about the universe around us. It lives in me. It lives in you.

This Colony is a dream. It almost did not exist. It almost failed. But, like many who have a dream, we did not give up. We tried again. We had problems, we stayed. Our technology did not work in this atmosphere, we rebuilt it. Things we did Monday disappeared on Tuesday, on Wednesday, we made them again. Sometimes it seemed the very planet objected to our presence and we wanted to just go back to Pinastri and find an easier assignment where our belongings would stay intact and things would work the way they are supposed to.

But we stayed. We stayed, and others joined us. We stayed and we grew. We stayed and we built something here, something to be proud of, each of us. We looked at our difficulties, our complaints, our frustrations... and we made a conscious decision to stay anyway.

So now we begin a new year. The year of 2413, our fifth year here on the planet Astraios Prime in Sector G-009D (Astraios), in the Gamma Quadrant.

Today is our fourth birthday and I would like to use this occasion to present and acknowledge some awards and promotions that occurred last month.

I am very pleased to present the Andreia Reid Medal of Service to Commander Daecalad Brogdram (Selenmoira Resident). This is awarded to a member for significant activity in UF Starfleet. Said member has visibly sacrificed their time and energy for UF Starfleet, working not to advance themselves but the group as a whole. This member has been so hard working, so active and recognized so much for it that their name is synonymous with duty and commitment to UF Starfleet and the ideas Star Trek is based from. Cmdr Brogdram is very deserving of recognition for her tireless work on behalf of Astraios Colony and UFS.

Commander Genny7 Markus is promoted to the rank of Captain, and awarded the Order of Khitomer, Bronze, which is presented to individuals who have volunteered their time helping during UFS-related events. Captain Markus has shown dedication and loyalty in helping with UFS related events in 3rd Rock Grid, specifically hosting Starfleet Boogie every week on Tuesday and Raktajino Hour every week on Saturday; helping to organize and host all our special events, like the Anniversary Celebration, Masked Ball, Summer Beach Party, Christmas Dance, etc. She works to ensure all these events occur on time and that everything goes smoothly. She is deserving of recognition for the many hours she volunteers for UFS Astraios Events.

Now I want to speak a little OOCly about the future. We have exciting times on the horizon.

I would like to welcome Ms Idrissa Senhor, Cadet Arturo Morgese and Cadet Sten Vela to our family, along with LTjg Johnathan Aries and Cmdr Braxx Juventa. Please make sure to add them as friends and show them around.

The UFS Community Lands have grown to 18 regions and if you have a look around, you’ll see a great deal of building and designing going on. We want to provide a fully immersive environment so you can virtually live and breathe the world of Star Trek in 2413. We want to provide consistent opportunities for roleplay in that world, exciting and compelling missions, task forces and story arcs - but how about just life in general, too?

If you come home from a long deployment, do you change into civilian clothing and head out to the local bar to meet your friends? If you go for a jog before duty in the morning, who do you come across as you pass through the streets? An Ocampa cook? A Dosi trader? A Cardassian tailor??

If you’re a cadet at Academy and run into a Klingon at spacedock, what do you do? Poison Toocool chuckles

As we grow in numbers I hope we will be good friends OOCly but have some great fun times with conflicts and relationships while ‘in character’.

We also now have the opportunity to promote our activities and our RP to roleplayers on the hypergrid, the opening of our grid to connect with other worlds out there is very symbolic of that first warp flight on Earth so many years ago.

On this day I would like to thank Admiral Mike Calhoun for entrusting me with the governance of this Colony back in 2011. I would also like to thank Fleet Captain Osky Olrich for building the Astraios Colony home region and SS Astraios, our first ‘ship of the line’ on 3rd Rock Grid (as well as my NPC ship, the USS Neil Armstrong).

I am also grateful to Capt Karl Quar for his long service and dedication to Astraios Colony, and to Cmdr Brogram for her devotion and creative contributions. I would also like to mention our hardworking Communications Manager, Cmdr David7 Bravin, and our Morale Officer, Capt Dolfke Barbosa.

Although we celebrate today our fourth birthday, I feel like we are just beginning.

As we take our first steps into this new year... As we look proudly around to see what we have built, and what we are creating, let us remember one thing.

We are United Federation Starfleet.

We have a responsibility to represent that organization to this grid, the hypergrid and the metaverse at large. Whether civilian or military...

We have a duty to walk tall, wear the uniform with pride, conduct ourselves in a respectful manner, and in all things we do – OOCly and ICly - to strive to be the best we can be, with tolerance, with compassion, and with kindness.

Thank you all for your continued dedication and support of this dream of ours: our Colony, our Starfleet!!

Let’s head over to the Officer’s Mess next door on Starfleet Astraios region, for our Birthday dance... with music by UFS member Jeremy Nightshade... and fireworks at 1345 by Tommy Parrott!

Fleet Captain Poison Toocool
Colony Commander's Speech, Jan 11, 2015
Starfleet Astraios - UFS on the Hypergrid

Stardate: 150109

Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: COs Quarters, SS Astraios

'Another day of meetings. I suppose they are a necessary evil. And probably not as bad as they seem. It's just me longing to be out in the air, where I can feel the breeze on my face and the freshness in my nostrils.'

*Sighs and moves to the replicator.

'Earl grey, hot.'

*Taking the cup she walks to the window, looking out at Questa, the lovely and lonely moon. Its sheer pink rays radiant, bathing the spacestation and reaching for the planet below. Astraios, far beneath where she stands. She cannot see it. The station's geosynchronous orbit, and the direction her window faces, puts it out of visual range, even for her eyes. Sipping, she continues:

'There is so much to be done sometimes I worry I'll lose track of it all. Thank goodness for the Yeoman and administrative staff who assist me so much. We continue to grow - we just annexed some more land... and now the engineers want to discuss plans for building additional infrastructure. I have some conflicting feelings about this. While I agree we need to augment our current buildings to accommodate our activities and personnel... I also am extremely aware of our footprint here. We do not wish to take over this planet, or adversely affect the natural course of development of the flora and fauna. If one thing we do affects the evolution or lifespan of any creature here, we have done wrong.'

*She steps towards the table, putting down her cup and moving to the piano, where she sits down, leaning on her left elbow while she plays with one hand the melody she has been practicing. She stops and looks around.

'How clinical these quarters look. If anyone asked what I'd really like, it wouldn't be an official residence, or a suite in the officer's mess, or rooms in a grand hotel. All I'd like is a little cottage in the woods, near a stream. A small garden and...'

*Her combadge beeps. Tiredly, she taps it.

'Toocool here.'

The muted voice of a Communications Officer tells her an urgent message has arrived from the USS Temujin.


'Sir, shall I transfer it to your quarters?'

'Negative. I'll be down in five minutes.'

*She closes the piano, moving to the bedroom to don a fresh uniform. Checks her appearance in the mirror. Suddenly her body seems energized, her restlessness has vanished.

'Computer, end log and save.'

*The door swishes, and she is gone.

Stardate 150106

Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: Astraios Colony

The year 2413 begins. We face many challenges I know but I am encouraged by the new faces and new enthusiasm of those who have joined us in our mission of exploration and peace. This past Sunday I was privileged to say a few words at the UFSA graduation ceremony at Pinastri. It feels like just yesterday when I emerged from that great institution, a raw ensign proudly wearing those hard-earned pips, ready for whatever lay ahead. In all my studies, the name 'Astraios' never came up. Serving somewhere so remote from other UFS installations never even entered my mind, but here I am, on the brink of our fourth anniversary.

This past year our ability to travel the quadrant was improved by the addition of new technologies. Just lately I have visited several new worlds. Most of the time, those receiving us are generous and kind. Some worlds remain closed, of their own choice, and this we always respect. Our cause is not to interfere, and, in satisfying our curiosity, do no harm. The Colony recently was able to annex some additional land, there have been several meetings to discuss how we should best use what is available to us. I am a fan of leaving as much as possible to nature, indeed I have purchased several plots of my own to devote to gardening or just to leave wild and free. Although I appreciate that replicators have assisted Starfleet to feed and clothe crews as they journeyed across the galaxy, it seems to me for good health and good spirits, fresh food is best. I like to see those on leave get off their assigned vessels, be in the air and sun, and partake of the bounty this planet affords.

The Astraionian Council has been on hiatus and will continue to be until the end of their festive season, which is a welcome relief to me. I prefer solid data and thoughtful reasoning to backbiting and power mongering. I will never understand or appreciate the ability to smile at someone while planning their downfall. M'Reh is gone and the Klingon Pegh banished for a year at least, but there is the Dosi still, and others who are always here asking for more from Astraios. Our security department - as well as others - requires more personnel to cover our expansion, we are out and about in the friendly worlds we know looking for recruits.

A new situation is developing in System Sig-Sigma-Alpha, some days travel rimward of us. It appears the first warp flight of a previously unknown humanoid species is about to occur. The USS Davy Crockett, under the command of Daecalad Brogdram, has been observing and I expect further reports in the next few days.

The USS Prophetic, in Sector G-009C, detected strange energy readings from a comet, which turned out to be a vessel with a science lab patrolled by sentry drones. An away team ran into the drones and several were injured, two unfortunately were killed. After the team was extracted the comet exploded. With nothing further to investigate, the Prophetic has resumed course for Varish. I am sending details of this encounter to the fleet.

Now it is the end of a long afternoon of meetings, I will go check the greenhouse to see if the seeds I planted in December have sprouted. It always gives me pleasure, and hope, to see things grow.

((OOC: worlds recently visited: Great Canadian Grid, WestWorld, Insel, Pathlandia, Fleep Grid, Narasnook (Greyville), and more))