Ceremony & Celebration 150111

 4th Anniversary

United Federation Starfleet officials, officers and crew, friends and guests, thank you for your presence here today on this most special occasion. 

If you look around you, you’ll see the work of many hands. You’ll see the creativity of many minds. But what you will really see, is a dream.

This dream:  that we should come together as peoples of the universe to help, assist and inform each other. That we share the load, share the burden, the difficulties and the joys. That we should learn about each other so that we can respect and tolerate and even celebrate the differences between us.

I have learned that many have that dream. Living, sentient beings from planets so far away from the birthplace of Starfleet, that they never would have been imagined except in some old novel by Issac Asminov or in one of those old Terran moving picture shows.

This dream was born for humans one day in 2063, when Zefram Cochrane tested the first warp engine, and flew beyond the sky, to the stars, travelling at the speed of light to the first contact of homo sapiens with another species from the Milky Way Galaxy. From that day until this the Vulcans have been our friends. *She smiles to Capt Genny7 Markus

And so slowly humans began to explore the stars, curious and eager to know what was ‘out there’.

Each one of us, no matter what planet we come from, have a similar story. Someone had a dream. Someone built the technology, learned from disasters and repeated trying, until finally, success. Someone travelled at light speed into the heavens, and discovered a universe teeming with life.

And so we come today, all of us, together. Think of that. Think of the miracle that we have made. How astounding that humans landed on the moon in July 20, 1969. Less than 100 years later, the warp engine opened up the horizons. So much has happened since then, so many things. Yet the dream lives.

It lives in each new cadet who joins Starfleet, hoping to serve on a starship. It lives in each engineer who brainstorms and builds the technology that we need in order to make it so. It lives in the scientists who use our sensors and charts and probes to learn more about the universe around us. It lives in me. It lives in you.

This Colony is a dream. It almost did not exist. It almost failed. But, like many who have a dream, we did not give up. We tried again. We had problems, we stayed. Our technology did not work in this atmosphere, we rebuilt it. Things we did Monday disappeared on Tuesday, on Wednesday, we made them again. Sometimes it seemed the very planet objected to our presence and we wanted to just go back to Pinastri and find an easier assignment where our belongings would stay intact and things would work the way they are supposed to.

But we stayed. We stayed, and others joined us. We stayed and we grew. We stayed and we built something here, something to be proud of, each of us. We looked at our difficulties, our complaints, our frustrations... and we made a conscious decision to stay anyway.

So now we begin a new year. The year of 2413, our fifth year here on the planet Astraios Prime in Sector G-009D (Astraios), in the Gamma Quadrant.

Today is our fourth birthday and I would like to use this occasion to present and acknowledge some awards and promotions that occurred last month.

I am very pleased to present the Andreia Reid Medal of Service to Commander Daecalad Brogdram (Selenmoira Resident). This is awarded to a member for significant activity in UF Starfleet. Said member has visibly sacrificed their time and energy for UF Starfleet, working not to advance themselves but the group as a whole. This member has been so hard working, so active and recognized so much for it that their name is synonymous with duty and commitment to UF Starfleet and the ideas Star Trek is based from. Cmdr Brogdram is very deserving of recognition for her tireless work on behalf of Astraios Colony and UFS.

Commander Genny7 Markus is promoted to the rank of Captain, and awarded the Order of Khitomer, Bronze, which is presented to individuals who have volunteered their time helping during UFS-related events. Captain Markus has shown dedication and loyalty in helping with UFS related events in 3rd Rock Grid, specifically hosting Starfleet Boogie every week on Tuesday and Raktajino Hour every week on Saturday; helping to organize and host all our special events, like the Anniversary Celebration, Masked Ball, Summer Beach Party, Christmas Dance, etc. She works to ensure all these events occur on time and that everything goes smoothly. She is deserving of recognition for the many hours she volunteers for UFS Astraios Events.

Now I want to speak a little OOCly about the future. We have exciting times on the horizon.

I would like to welcome Ms Idrissa Senhor, Cadet Arturo Morgese and Cadet Sten Vela to our family, along with LTjg Johnathan Aries and Cmdr Braxx Juventa. Please make sure to add them as friends and show them around.

The UFS Community Lands have grown to 18 regions and if you have a look around, you’ll see a great deal of building and designing going on. We want to provide a fully immersive environment so you can virtually live and breathe the world of Star Trek in 2413. We want to provide consistent opportunities for roleplay in that world, exciting and compelling missions, task forces and story arcs - but how about just life in general, too?

If you come home from a long deployment, do you change into civilian clothing and head out to the local bar to meet your friends? If you go for a jog before duty in the morning, who do you come across as you pass through the streets? An Ocampa cook? A Dosi trader? A Cardassian tailor??

If you’re a cadet at Academy and run into a Klingon at spacedock, what do you do? Poison Toocool chuckles

As we grow in numbers I hope we will be good friends OOCly but have some great fun times with conflicts and relationships while ‘in character’.

We also now have the opportunity to promote our activities and our RP to roleplayers on the hypergrid, the opening of our grid to connect with other worlds out there is very symbolic of that first warp flight on Earth so many years ago.

On this day I would like to thank Admiral Mike Calhoun for entrusting me with the governance of this Colony back in 2011. I would also like to thank Fleet Captain Osky Olrich for building the Astraios Colony home region and SS Astraios, our first ‘ship of the line’ on 3rd Rock Grid (as well as my NPC ship, the USS Neil Armstrong).

I am also grateful to Capt Karl Quar for his long service and dedication to Astraios Colony, and to Cmdr Brogram for her devotion and creative contributions. I would also like to mention our hardworking Communications Manager, Cmdr David7 Bravin, and our Morale Officer, Capt Dolfke Barbosa.

Although we celebrate today our fourth birthday, I feel like we are just beginning.

As we take our first steps into this new year... As we look proudly around to see what we have built, and what we are creating, let us remember one thing.

We are United Federation Starfleet.

We have a responsibility to represent that organization to this grid, the hypergrid and the metaverse at large. Whether civilian or military...

We have a duty to walk tall, wear the uniform with pride, conduct ourselves in a respectful manner, and in all things we do – OOCly and ICly - to strive to be the best we can be, with tolerance, with compassion, and with kindness.

Thank you all for your continued dedication and support of this dream of ours: our Colony, our Starfleet!!

Let’s head over to the Officer’s Mess next door on Starfleet Astraios region, for our Birthday dance... with music by UFS member Jeremy Nightshade... and fireworks at 1345 by Tommy Parrott!

Fleet Captain Poison Toocool
Colony Commander's Speech, Jan 11, 2015
Starfleet Astraios - UFS on the Hypergrid