Stardate: 150117

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
USS Argonaut Ready Room

I've calmed down now. It took two days, a lot of weeding in my garden and two long talks with Hars in order to find a place of peace inside myself. I am still conflicted. Unsure. That's unusual. But I must not appear so to my crew or to the people I lead. Above all, I wish to be fair and impartial. But that's all very cryptic, isn't it? Yes, well, as the humans say, 'it's a long story'.

It began on stardate... 150114. The USS Temujin, heading back from the Insel system with some sensitive data, wished to avoid any delay or issue with the Treman 'patrols'. (You'd laugh at the idea of a bunch of pirates and smugglers doing any kind of protective patrol... I think it's more a case of, 'you cannot pass - at least not without a deposit of latinum'.. *sniffs*) Hope decided to take the Temujin into the Takaar Nebula to confuse any Tremanite sensors, although that would play havoc with ship's systems & markedly slow them down. That worked, but while in there she came across a civilian vessel with two life signs. They declined any assistance even though it was obvious they were in trouble. Then tactical managed to get LCARS up for long enough to obtain a record of 'the Motherland' flagged as possibly being used in smuggling. Long story short, they boarded and found a man and a girl. She was badly beaten. It turned out though, that he had rescued her from slavers. Temujin towed their ship here, the girl - Idrissa - is in Majel hospital with severe dehydration, the man, Souleymane, was confined to quarters until questioned.

I met him when he was brought to the hospital to visit his sister. I recognized him right away. In a... flurry of memories my anger rose and choked me. I ordered him to the brig - over the protests of his sister. Later I questioned him about his part in my kidnapping, two years ago, by slavers. He claimed to have saved me... from them. I dimly remembered some of the details he spoke of. In the end I accepted his story.

 I made an... arrangement with him. He is to assist us to find the women and children who were taken from the civilian transport, Atlas. In return, we will take care of his sister, give her shelter and sustenance. And he may go free.

My instincts say there is a lot more to his story that he's not telling me. If he was around for my kidnapping two years ago, and if he's been involved with the Tremanite pirates... well, perhaps there's some information there for us. Or perhaps we're being led down the garden path to some unknown, but uncomfortable end.

I hope I haven't made a deal with the devil.