Stardate: 150121

Astraios Colony Commander's Log, 
Ready Room, USS Argonaut 
Location: Border Sector G009D =====================

 How good it is to be on a ship again. I have focussed almost exclusively on the running of the Colony for the past several months, as so much needed to be done. We purchased additional land to expand our holdings and in order to be able to house more of our people in a natural and spacious manner. I feel it is tremendously important for the crew that serve on starships and stations, to have a pleasant and healthy environment when they are not on duty. Some of our deployments are months and even years long.

I am pleased to say that the 'House of Healing' I wished to construct on my personal acreage was competed just before we left. I was able to choose furnishings and ensure it was ready to receive the first patient from Majel Community Hospital. It is for those patients who don't really need to be in sickbay but who require some further observation and assistance before they may return home. I gave orders that Ms Idrissa Senghor be moved there when ready. Whether she admits it or not, she has been through a harrowing ordeal and needs time to heal. Not just from bruises and broken bones, but from the trauma of being held and threatened by the worst kind of sentient being. How I detest them...

 *She hesitates, visions of her own time with the slavers go through her mind. Hands clenched, she sits at her desk, feeling the pain again. Manhandled, insulted, drugged, stripped and ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Oh, she would have stopped them, in time. But drugged as she was she lost the clarity she needed in order to command what was within her. Anger rises. She brings her awareness back to the present, feeling the vibration of the ship as it moves at warp through the sector. Then she breathes slowly, deeply, forcing her mind to vision her garden, to remember the sound of the birds in the trees and the breeze on her face. The darkness fades from her mind. Her skin begins to glow faintly.*