Stardate 150106

Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: Astraios Colony

The year 2413 begins. We face many challenges I know but I am encouraged by the new faces and new enthusiasm of those who have joined us in our mission of exploration and peace. This past Sunday I was privileged to say a few words at the UFSA graduation ceremony at Pinastri. It feels like just yesterday when I emerged from that great institution, a raw ensign proudly wearing those hard-earned pips, ready for whatever lay ahead. In all my studies, the name 'Astraios' never came up. Serving somewhere so remote from other UFS installations never even entered my mind, but here I am, on the brink of our fourth anniversary.

This past year our ability to travel the quadrant was improved by the addition of new technologies. Just lately I have visited several new worlds. Most of the time, those receiving us are generous and kind. Some worlds remain closed, of their own choice, and this we always respect. Our cause is not to interfere, and, in satisfying our curiosity, do no harm. The Colony recently was able to annex some additional land, there have been several meetings to discuss how we should best use what is available to us. I am a fan of leaving as much as possible to nature, indeed I have purchased several plots of my own to devote to gardening or just to leave wild and free. Although I appreciate that replicators have assisted Starfleet to feed and clothe crews as they journeyed across the galaxy, it seems to me for good health and good spirits, fresh food is best. I like to see those on leave get off their assigned vessels, be in the air and sun, and partake of the bounty this planet affords.

The Astraionian Council has been on hiatus and will continue to be until the end of their festive season, which is a welcome relief to me. I prefer solid data and thoughtful reasoning to backbiting and power mongering. I will never understand or appreciate the ability to smile at someone while planning their downfall. M'Reh is gone and the Klingon Pegh banished for a year at least, but there is the Dosi still, and others who are always here asking for more from Astraios. Our security department - as well as others - requires more personnel to cover our expansion, we are out and about in the friendly worlds we know looking for recruits.

A new situation is developing in System Sig-Sigma-Alpha, some days travel rimward of us. It appears the first warp flight of a previously unknown humanoid species is about to occur. The USS Davy Crockett, under the command of Daecalad Brogdram, has been observing and I expect further reports in the next few days.

The USS Prophetic, in Sector G-009C, detected strange energy readings from a comet, which turned out to be a vessel with a science lab patrolled by sentry drones. An away team ran into the drones and several were injured, two unfortunately were killed. After the team was extracted the comet exploded. With nothing further to investigate, the Prophetic has resumed course for Varish. I am sending details of this encounter to the fleet.

Now it is the end of a long afternoon of meetings, I will go check the greenhouse to see if the seeds I planted in December have sprouted. It always gives me pleasure, and hope, to see things grow.

((OOC: worlds recently visited: Great Canadian Grid, WestWorld, Insel, Pathlandia, Fleep Grid, Narasnook (Greyville), and more))