Stardate: 150109

Colony Commander's Log, 
Location: COs Quarters, SS Astraios

'Another day of meetings. I suppose they are a necessary evil. And probably not as bad as they seem. It's just me longing to be out in the air, where I can feel the breeze on my face and the freshness in my nostrils.'

*Sighs and moves to the replicator.

'Earl grey, hot.'

*Taking the cup she walks to the window, looking out at Questa, the lovely and lonely moon. Its sheer pink rays radiant, bathing the spacestation and reaching for the planet below. Astraios, far beneath where she stands. She cannot see it. The station's geosynchronous orbit, and the direction her window faces, puts it out of visual range, even for her eyes. Sipping, she continues:

'There is so much to be done sometimes I worry I'll lose track of it all. Thank goodness for the Yeoman and administrative staff who assist me so much. We continue to grow - we just annexed some more land... and now the engineers want to discuss plans for building additional infrastructure. I have some conflicting feelings about this. While I agree we need to augment our current buildings to accommodate our activities and personnel... I also am extremely aware of our footprint here. We do not wish to take over this planet, or adversely affect the natural course of development of the flora and fauna. If one thing we do affects the evolution or lifespan of any creature here, we have done wrong.'

*She steps towards the table, putting down her cup and moving to the piano, where she sits down, leaning on her left elbow while she plays with one hand the melody she has been practicing. She stops and looks around.

'How clinical these quarters look. If anyone asked what I'd really like, it wouldn't be an official residence, or a suite in the officer's mess, or rooms in a grand hotel. All I'd like is a little cottage in the woods, near a stream. A small garden and...'

*Her combadge beeps. Tiredly, she taps it.

'Toocool here.'

The muted voice of a Communications Officer tells her an urgent message has arrived from the USS Temujin.


'Sir, shall I transfer it to your quarters?'

'Negative. I'll be down in five minutes.'

*She closes the piano, moving to the bedroom to don a fresh uniform. Checks her appearance in the mirror. Suddenly her body seems energized, her restlessness has vanished.

'Computer, end log and save.'

*The door swishes, and she is gone.