Stardate 150125

USS Argonaut Ship's Log, 
Location: rimward border Sector G-009D (Astraios)

On stardate 140113 a civilian transport left Earth, bound for Deep Space Nine. Aboard were the families of several serving Starfleet officers, as well as some adults headed to new jobs. The 'Atlas' was expected to enter spaceport at DS9 four days later. It never arrived. A search commenced in and around the last known coordinates, and messages sent to all Starfleet installations. The message was received and noted by SS Astraios. Given the distance from the Bajoran wormhole to Astraios Sector, the signal did not trigger any alarms and the need to conduct a local search in G-009D was considered unnecessary. 

The USS Temujin, enroute to Astraios from planet Insel with sensitive information aboard, entered the Takaar Nebula on stardate 150114 to avoid the military patrols from Treman. They detected a small vessel, also trying to avoid Tremanite contact, in some difficulties. The civilian ship was found in UFS records and had been flagged as possibly used for illegal purposes. A team was sent - over the protests of the owner - to search the vessel. There they found a girl in poor condition and the 'captain'. He was suspected of abducting and beating her, but it soon transpired that she was his sister and he had rescued her from space pirates. The civilian vessel, along with Idrissa and Souleymane Senghor, were brought to Astraios. Mr Senghor was interrogated at length while his sister was treated in Majel Community Hospital.

After questioning Mr Senghor herself, Fleet Captain Poison Toocool agreed to keep Idrissa Senghor at Starfleet Astraios, safe from harm, if in return, Souleymane assisted in a mission to rescue the rest of the women and children who had been on the Atlas. 

The USS Argonaut is heading towards the co-ordinates provided by Souleymane Senghor. The purpose of this Mission is to rescue the civilian captives and apprehend their captors; with the potential outcome of shutting down the trafficking in humanoids and sentient beings in Astraios and neighbouring Sectors. The ship is tasked with offering all aid and safety to the civilians, the goal is to eventually return the women and children to their homes in the Alpha Quadrant.

Having made a detour from the planned course to avoid a gravitational anomaly, and taking into the account the distance needed to be travelled, there is concern that the USS Argonaut may not reach the destination (an asteroid belt) in time to save the captives from being sold in the slave market, even at conventional high warp. Ships current position puts it within 30 light years of Astraios System and use of transwarp has been forbidden in this area as per orders of the Colony Commander.

"141128: Colony Science has confirmed reports that recent use of an illegal isolytic burst weapon within Sector G-009D (Astraios), combined with known variances of the Astraios Effect, may cause a danger to ships and crew if the transwarp threshold is crossed within proximity of the event horizon, located 7.38 billion km from the solar body within the Astraios system."

Time is of the essence. FCapt Toocool has called a briefing for 1000 hours 150125, to discuss options. A report ordered from the Science Department, regarding the possible use of the ship's transwarp drive within the restricted zone despite concerns about the Astraios Effect, is eagerly awaited, along with crucial information from other departments.