Colony Commander's Log, 
Ready Room, USS Argonaut
Location: Sector G-009E

Enroute to Sig Sigma Alpha
Stardate 150203

Well, we managed to find a way to use transwarp despite the worry that it might cause a problem with stability in the sector. We found the asteroid belt and the slavers’ hide out. Most of them are either dead, in the brig or sickbay, or have fled. We tracked a few small ships leaving the area, cloaking as they went. We’ve sent their trajectory to the sector patrols in the hopes they might pick up a couple.

Souleymane... Mr Senghor assisted us to find and shut down the pirate shuttle bay, damaging several fighters in the process. I admit some discomfort with this decision, now I look back at it. Our rules of engagement are very clear. To come in, all guns blazing, without any provocation... that is not our way. I am... *sighs*

...Science located a vessel hidden in the belt, that was phasing in and out of view due to a damaged cloak and other systems. As we could not get a secure transporter lock on the civilians, an away team was sent to the upper deck of the vessel. It was hoped they could stabilize it for a few minutes, giving us time to locate and move the civilians if need be, or use transporter boosters in order to get them over to us. I went with the away team. An unusual thing for a Captain, but... since I had some experience of the slavers due to my kidnapping two years ago, I determined my knowledge of their habits might assist us in locating the women and girls who had been abducted. We found them, in the end.

Unfortunately some were already dead. But there are several in our sickbay, including a small child... who it appears has latched onto Sou.. Mr Senghor and myself as security. She lost both her parents in this debacle... the rescued civilians will soon be on the USS Mont Cervin, heading back to Sector G-009 and Astraios. I may go with them. The Argonaut is now on course for her first assignment in Sig Sigma... at medium warp to allow time for some repairs and diagnostics. If I do choose to return to Astraios, there is a little time before the runabout will leave. Medical wants to make sure the civilians are stable and relatively calm before sending them off. The ship is at blue alert, and some relaxation is in order after the urgency of the past few days.

At Astraios there is an alien object to be examined, found orbiting the Sig Sigma Alpha sun. And there are other important duties to attend to. In particular I want science and medical to check everything out and ensure that the use of transwarp in the restricted zone has not affected our station, colony, Astraios Prime, or the fabric of space around us in sector G-009D.