Heading home

Colony Commander's Log
XO's Ready Room, USS Temujin
Location: Sector G-009E, Enroute to Astraios

Stardate 150215

After two days cramped together on the USS Mont Cervin, the runabout was thankfully met by the Akira Class USS Temujin, and taken aboard. The civilians are all assigned to quarters now, and the XO has graciously offered me his ready room while I am aboard. This gave me the opportunity to spend some hours going over the information from the Task Force working on G-009F, including interesting reports from the Davy Crockett regarding life forms in Sig Sigma Alpha system. In addition, I was able to catch up on reports from the Colony and from Science with regard to the Sig Sigma capsule still under study. At the end of all that, instead of a break to relax, I had to...I needed to deal with Mr Senghor, who seemed to feel we needed to talk about the situation with the child, Shenshi. In the end we agreed she should be placed with his sister, Idrissa, at the Colony, and I will look for suitable housing for them. He..

*she pauses, loathe to talk about it, even to a computer*

Well, he seems to think the child needs parents, and has chosen us. Him. Me.

*Moves restlessly*

I have nothing but sympathy for her, she's a sweet child, lost within herself sometimes but that's not surprising given what she's been through.

But neither of them know what they are asking. Nor do they know... who... what... they are dealing with. No one does.

Computer, erase that last line, and play back.


'But neither of them know what they are asking.'


Computer, erase the whole damn thing.

<recording deleted>