Poison Toocool is deep in thought, hardly paying any attention to the stream or the trees, as she usually would. A thousand things on her mind, work, missions, reports, Hars, tasks to get done, new crew members to meet, Souley, the change of season. Her feet guide her along the path she always takes from her cottage to the beach.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 is kneeling and tucking things into what looks like an ancient seamans duffel. Several dark boxes that he seems to be reorganizing to ensure it all fits. "Ok ...." he murmurs to himself. "That's better." he stands and pulls at the topof the bag, closing it, then moving the strap into place. He turns to have a look around. He'll be gone a couple days. Wondering if he should ... say goodbye or ... if she decided she wasn't readdy to deal with him now she was back to her life and duties.

Poison Toocool continues to walk slowly along the path, the salty smell of ocean drawing her. How she craves peace right now. The revelation from Hars, who has been a rock for her for the past several months.. still hurts. Illogical. The loss of Ambassodor Spock is still with her. "I can't take much more," she murmurs to herself. She hears a soft noise and turns. Souley.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 hefts the bag, grunting softly at its weight. Testing it. He's ready for his trip. Then he sees her walk out from behind a tree and he heads to her, bag and all. He looks her up and down as he approaches. "Back on duty, I see, Kap." he rumbles.

Poison Toocool has stopped in her tracks. Did she conjure him up? He'd been on her mind, yet she had avoided finding him. Glancing behind him, to the round house, she realizes this is the home that she'd assigned to Idrissa, his sister. Of course he'd be here. He's got some kind of bag with him. "Hello, Souley," she says softly, putting her hands together to calm them. Damn butterflies.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 hears her soft voice and mentaly takes control of himself. He hated the out-of-control feeling he has with her. Seeing her clasp her hands, he moves a bit closer. "All these days and all I get is 'Hello Souley'?" he rumbles and leans forward, giving her a quick peck on the cheek if allowed. He knows it might rattle her, but he has no intention of allowing her to foirget how he feels. Not for one second if he can help it.

Poison Toocool watches him come closer. She stiffens. She almost pulls back as he leans in to kiss her cheek. She catches a brief wift of him. It's more compelling than she's willing to admit. She lifts a hand to push him away but ends just dropping it again. "I've been overwhelmingly busy but I hope Idrissa, Shenshi and you like the house," she gestures lamely.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 is almost stunned he got away with the kiss. "We love it, even though its just a couch for me, unless that Hars winds up taking up light housekeeping himself." he tells her. "But since she found a place to cook besides your front porch, I am on my way to Takaar to see about importing goods from the Syarks and the Welkins." he tells her and hefts the bag again, in emphasis that he's going someplace. He can't help but smirk. "Don't worry. It's all gonna be legal and above board." he assures her only adding the word 'probably' in his thoughts.

Poison Toocool looks to him, the mention of Hars, possibly staying with Idrissa, stabs her heart. She smiles brightly hoping to cover this feeling. "Yes, I heard of the cafe," the bag in his hand brings another pang, and his quip about being legal hits her as well. She says sharply, "Syarks?|

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 nods. "She's happier than I've ever known her. Own place, man of her choosing. I'll never get her to leave now." he quips. He didnt know about her and Hars, Driss hasnt told him yet. But he does raise his brows. "Yea. The Syarks. They live under the waters of Takaar." he considers. "Let me guess. The Walkins didnt bother to mention the Syarks." he guesses. "That makes sense. Almost all of the plants resourses come from the water. Most of the food, of course water, plants, vegetables ..... But the Welkins have some stuff that would be great for Driss to cook up too." he chuckles. "And the Welkins resent it..... they're constantly on the brink of war, those two. But they need each other too much."

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 pauses a heartbeat. "Kind of like us."

Poison Toocool: me says tightly, "Hars and Driss are making plans?" She feels a spurt of anger. She only just got home, and heard about it. "He's moving in, is that why you're going?" She turns from him, looking towards the ocean, her body taunt. "Welkins I know of, not Syarks..." she mutters, filing that information away for science and security to check out. She whirls to look at him, "We aren't at war. We're just... just," she is stymied, "I don't know what the hell we are," she finishes, "and yes it has been a few days but you never even tried to contact me so I thought our little 'parenthood' game that you invented was over."

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 blinks. "Nooooo." he says slowly, watching her body. "I mean they've declared feelings to each other ..the rest ... I was just joking about." he looks at her. "Wait. You and him ...." he nods slowly. "Oops...." he murmurs. He's just putting two and two together. "Well the Syarks ... are there under the surface." he listens to her. "Well, I thought we'd established what we are on Ndoto." he cants his head. "I'm falling in love with you and you are doing everything you can NOT to fall in love with me." he's blunt. No one can argue that.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002: "And I didnt try to contact youbecause I assumed you would stop in and see Fuku." he tightens his jaw. "She's MY daughter." his voice raises to almost a shout. Then it lowers to a growl. "You feel free to bow out of the parenthood game, if you arent up to playing. Not that I invented it. I got puled in too. But ...." he closes his eyes and shrugs, finally looking at her and calming down. "I'm going to be officially adopting Fukujuso." he says, woodenly. "It means going legit, but ... I think it will be allowed."

Poison Toocool sighs deeply, her hands clenched. Through gritted teeth she says, "Hars was.. is... my best friend in the universe. It's stupid to be... sad he's got someone else now. I SHOULD be glad for him and Driss but I'm not. It hurts for some asinine reason I will never understand. AND I know you don't care about Starfleet, but I do, and Spock was a huge hero to me and I wanted to be like him if I could, and in a way I thought of him like my Dad even though we never met I knew all his stories and about all his missions."

Poison Toocool: Her body grows even tighter, "I DO care about Shenshi or Fuku or whatever you want to call her, I care enough to make sure she and Driss have a decent place to live," pointing to the house, "one of the nicest houses I could give her. I even talked to the new Doctor about Shenshi and told him all about her and asked him to keep an eye on her, and it's VERY NICE you want to adopt her but that doesn't explain to me why you didn't bother to even come and see me when you knew how upset I was over Spock and why you'r e standing there with a bag full of your things and telling me your LEAVING!" She glares at him, crossing her arms.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 watches her .. this is about as close to being completely out of control he's ever seen her. Oddly encouraging. He lets her rant and when she folds her arms her takes his seabag off of his shoulder and drops it on the ground. He purses his lips and takes in a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Poison." he says, his voice soft. He took her slap like a man, he believes. "I didnt come to see you because now that we're back here, I figured you'd rather be with your crew and staff. And they don't like me for the most part. I'm not legitimate enough for you."

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002: he takes in another deep breath. "Plus you act half the time like you don't want my kind of comfort. I try and hold you and you stiffen. I try and kiss you and you come this close" he lifts his hand and almost presses his thumb and forefinger together. "To literally pushing me away from you." he looks at her crossed arms. "This defensive posture bullshit is getting old, woman." he takes a step closer and envelopes her in his arms, even with hers still tightly crossed ... if, of course, she allows and doesn't pound him into the ground.

Poison Toocool contines to glare at him. He drops his bag and says he's sorry. Her eyebrows raise, "Not 'legitimate enough"? What must you think of me? I have friends from ALL races and species, and all walks of life! I'm not some... SNOB. I believe everyone has something to offer, no matter who they are. Unless they hurt others with their actions, then... then they need to be stopped. That's my job. And the job of my crew. If they don't like you, it's because you were such an ASS when you were on the bridge of MY SHIP." Shakes her head, as he steps forward to hug her, finally letting her arms drop. Growls out, low and throaty, "You just don't know me. Not really. I don't even know why you.. like me. I am... not like other people. I am not like other girls. What you see is... only part of me." That's all she'll say.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 chuckles softly. "I'm a smuggler, Poison. And I am good enough never to have gone past 'suspected' of it." he pauses at her growl. "I was in love with a Cardassian. She wasn't like other girls, either." he reminds her. "Do you think I care even a little bit about what I SEE?" he asks her. "How do you know I am not in love with what you are HIDING from me?" he demands. "That part inside of that shell you wear." he actually tightens his embrace. "I don't CARE about your looks. I'm NOT that shallow, Poison. I thought you'd have figured that out when you saw that picture of Kattrell."

Poison Toocool stays in his arms, listening. She shakes her head, "You don't understand. I'm not talking about beauty. And how can you love what you don't know? Let me ask you... if you love the.. spirit of me... then would you love it still if it were... that tree," she points, "or that dog over there, or that apis?" More seriously, "or if it were male?"

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 keeps his arms around her as she speaks. He looks down at her as she delivers the last question and doesn't even alow himself the luxury of a pause. "Yes. If it was YOU, Poison." he rumbles. "The being that took care of my sister. Who helped rescue my daughter. Who spats with me. Who shows more caring than I've ever seen in my life. If that's you then I don't are if you're a man, or grass, or a boulder on a mountain."

Poison Toocool giggles slightly. "Don't go away," she says, drawing her hands up and linking them behind his head.

Souleymane.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 arches a brow. "When I got you in my arms, you think Im goin ANYWHERE?" he quips.