The Capt'n and the Cafe

Poison Toocool walks up the stairs, exhausted. Even though she hadn't known Ambassodor Spock except by reputation, he had been a huge hero in her life. She'd stayed up late pouring over logs and reports of his life, and writing the speech she had given a little while ago. Afterwards, she felt she could not just leave, but needed to invite everyone to take refreshments, and be there, to give a sense of contiunity and strength. She rubs her face with tired hands. Coming up the path she notices the gazebo and the tables in it. She stops and looks.

Idrissa.Senghor is moving towards the path, glad no one showed up today. The death of someone had gotten everyone hopping. He sees Po coming along the path and sees that she looks tired. "Welcome home, Kapitan." she greets the woman she really doesnt know as well as she should. "May I get you some coffee? You look likeyou could use some....."

Poison Toocool sees Driss coming towards her. They really hadn't had a chance to say much more than hello and goodbye when she had brought Souley and Shenshi here. As much as she had tried, her yeoman had found her and she had had to leave, waving to Hars and saying a quick word to Souley. The rest of the day was a blur of reports and issues to deal with... and then the speech. She breathes deep and tries to smile, "Thank you, it's good to be back." She hesitates, loathe to condone the eatery, but... "An Earl Grey would be nice.

Idrissa.Senghor motions her into the little pavillion. "I asked a few people about you." she tells the woman who has held her brother so long. "And they told me that was one of your favorite teas..." she begins to sift through some things at a table. "SO I scouted around and found a merchant with earl grey tea for sale." she pours water into a pot and places it on an open fire grate to heat. "SO I bought some for your return." she smiles and leans against the table waiting for the water to heat. She knoes she has probably overstepped her bounds .,. or been pulled past them is more like it. "Mission accomplished, I assume?" she works for a little small talk. "You even got to see SOuleymane's home." she chuckles slightly *I* haven't even seen it in person. Was it nice?"

Poison Toocool follows Driss into the gazebo, too worn out to even deal with the fact that the women has been using her garden as a cafe. She'd heard about it from several people who praised Driss's cooking. Driss natters on about the tea, Po come near her, reluctant to sit down, she'd been sitting all day yesterday and all night, and would rather stand. "It is my favourite tea, but unless I amm in my cottage," she gestures a hand to the larger house, "I have it from the replicator." She turns to look at the garden, briefly wondering where Hars might be, then turning back to Driss, "yes, I saw it. A bit... rough. Cold, you might say, all that stone. Not really suitable for children."

Idrissa.Senghor is glad for the small container and adds some tea leaves to a cloth and sets it in a large mug to steep. "So i have been told." she smiles, not sitting either, just buzying herself at the table. "Well .. Souleymane is rough. We were raised in a jungle. But the last few years ... he has become colder since he left Earth three years ago ..." she sighs and stirs the tea, as if that would hurry the stepping process. "He knows it is not a good place for Fuku. He thinks the child would be better int he sunshine ... in other words .. with me." she bites her lip. "He is right .. and he is wrong."

Poison Toocool runs her awareness over her body, consciously relaxing her muscles, breathing deep of the clean air, her eyes a little sandy from the tears she could not stop during the remembering ceremony. She watches Driss make the tea, those movements probably made a billion times by tea drinkers throughout the galaxy, she smiles softly. "I did not see him as cold," she says. "Although he can be ruthless when necessary. But a cold man would not hold a small child's hand, and make her laugh as he does." She looks to Driss, "He had thought you would take the child. I promised to find a house for you and Fuku. But you don't wish to have her?"

Idrissa.Senghor smiles softly, at last taking the bag from the steaming water. "There is sweetner and milk here." she motions tothe containers. She sighs. "You know the Souleymane that I know ... that few have met. Love warms him." she smiles. "I will gladly take her if I had a place. And if you are offering, I will accept." she snaps her fingers and kneels. "WHich reminds me." she fishes under the table and comes upwith two bars of gold pressed latinum. "I hope this will help ease the pain of the stain I haveput on your ground." she says, placing the bars beside Po's cup.

Poison Toocool takes the cup into her hands, letting the warmth carress her cold fingers, bringing it to her lips, blowing, but not taking a sip yet. Too hot. She puts it back down and laces her fingers together behind her back, stretching her arms out, listening to Driss. "You're right, he has fallen in love with Fuku," she agrees, deliberately being obtuse. "Before that, I thought he was the most stubborn, arrogant and irritating man I have ever known." She watches Driss place latinum by her cup and is nonplussed. She needs to think about that.

Idrissa.Senghor watches the cup warm her hands and smiles. "He does love Fuku." she agrees and pauses. "She is the daugher he wanted with Kat. He told you about her?" she laughs. "You remind me of her. She said the same, but added more words." she giggles. "They fought physically int he beginning. I don't know if that was them fighting the love they felt or .. what. But in the end ..." she shrugs. "He needs love in his life. Fuku is only a part of that."

Poison Toocool picks up the now cooling tea and takes a sip. Although she'd gone to the reception after the ceremony, she had not been able to drink anything. She'd served drinks to the others and listened to them speak of their admiration for Spock. It felt good to have a warm drink sooth her throat. "He did not tell me he wanted a daughter. In fact until I saw him with Fuku I would have thought he cared nothing for anyone. Except I had seen him with you." She drinks again, thoughtfully. "I saw Kat's picture, yes. He told me a little. He still... aches, for her. I can understand that," looking down into her cup, "we should be... cautious." Looking up to Driss, "It's all too easy. A small girl loses her parents, and..." she can't find the words to describe it, "it's not a puzzle where you just put in the piece and everyting falls into place."

Idrissa.Senghor smiles and leans against the table, casually. "He did ... I think Kat did also but ... the Cardassians where she lived ... did not welcome his human DNA. Kat was torn between her love and her duty to her people. They were almost wiped out, you know." she miles and looks at the Captain. "My twin is very simple. He loves, he hates or he is neutral. He doesn't care whether most live or die. SOme he hates and will hunt them down and kill them if he gets the opportunity. Or ..." she moves her hand between them, indicating them both. "Or he loves and will move the stars in the skies for those he loves."

She nods. "He misses her ... or maybe he misses that feeling of being loved by someone besides me. Our father and brothers hated him. They said sharing his womb with a female weakened him." she looks at her feet. "But ... I think a child made a decision to replace her parents with you and my brother. It doesn't mean you have to marry or even like each other. But it helps that you DO have feelings for each other." she nods. "Love should not be complicated. She loves you both and right now, that is all that matters."

Poison Toocool puts the empty cup down on the table. "I have instructed my staff to clear a house for you in the next parcel of land. It is a little further from the Colony proper, but still next to me. It will be nice for Fuku, there is a beach and horses. Neighbours, too, although none have children. I'll have my yeoman come and assist you to move your things. I think you will like it, it's... natural wood and... pleasant. There is a seawall though and... I hope Fuku will not stray too far." She listens respectfully to Driss, once again her hands are behind her back in the traditional 'at ease' stance of the military.

She shakes her head when she hears Souley was rejected by his brothers and fathers. "Perhaps it is better to be... an orphan," she says... speaking of herself but then realizing she might be mistaken... she looks to Driss and says in a near whisper, "I have no family of any kind. Thus they cannot hurt me." Thinking more, she finally says, "A child lost her parents, and is in denial, and is playing that we are hers, because she cannot bear to feel the loss. We play along with her, because that is what she needs. No one with any kind of heart would deny her the comfort she craves." Lastly, looking straight at Driss she adds, "I care for almost everyone I know. Even those who irritate me beyond measure."

Idrissa.Senghor hears her and nods. "it sounds wonderful. I can find ways to keep Fuku entertained." she looks at the Captain for a long time after she speaks of it being better to be orphaned. She straightens and looks at her. Licking her lips she ventures. "My father and all of my brothers except for Souleymane were killed over the course of about five years." she tells her. "It was a relief, I admit." when the captain looks at her, she locks eyes if she can. "But Fuku will get love. I need it as much as my brother does. Perhaps more." and then she pauses. "That is a huge responsibility. Perhaps it is a comfort to have someone who cares back, but in a much .. different way." she grins sweetly.

Poison Toocool stiffles a yawn. The long night of research and writing, the meetings, the stress of the ceremony, and the calmness of the tea and her garden are having an effect. She longs to get out of uniform and stretch out on a couch or bed, window open to the sea and sky, birds calling in the garden... she sighs. Soon. She looks to Driss, the words wash over her but she needs to mull them over to understand their deeper meaning. "I'm sure Fuku will be in good hands," she mumbles. "I... am sorry about your family." She turns, looking towards her house, "I;m afraid, if you don't mind... please excuse me, I do need some rest. I will contact my yeoman immediately." She looks at the tables and chairs, the paraphenalia around her from Driss's cafe, and can't deal with it. "Good day to you, enjoy the house."

Idrissa.Senghor  watches her go with only a "Good night and thank you!" in farewell.