Vacuum III: "Dawn"

Poison.Toocool reaches a hand out to Souley's arm, hovering there, waiting to see if he is ready to be touched, seeing that he is disturbed. "It wasn't an accusation, Souley. But the creature that I am, died a little that day, and I don't know how far I can go now." She looks serious, "You have Shenshi, she deserves a good home. And perhaps you want other children besides, it's so evident from the way that she bonded to you that you're a natural with kids. I just... don't know if I can do that, anymore... the ability to ... reproduce," she struggles to explain.

Souleymane Senghor moves into her touch and, as he thought ... expected .. feared? it calms him a bit. "I see ...." he makes note of the ability of parts of her to die off. "Poison ... " he moves his hand over hers. "I have my daughter. If we ever ... do that .. great. but if not ..." he shrugs and faces her completely, moving closer to her. "If not then we have each other ... if that's enough for you. There'll be planty of nights like this. Just me and you. Maybe thats how its supposed to work. Fate." he suggests.

Po.Toocool sighs and looks to the fire, her hand on his arm. "There's a million how's and why's in my brain, but at this moment, they all seem silly at this moment, but in my heart I know there will be some difficulties. The normal things between two people will be enhanced by the differences in our philosophies and what we do for a living. Should we walk this path? Should the heart ignore common sense?"

Souleymane.Senghor chuckles as she speaks. "I think you are overthinking this, myself." he tells her. "First of all, my job is no longer an issue. Some people won't like me getting out of the business, but I can deal with them." he begins. "So that means a lot of my philosophical leanings quickly become moot." he shrugs. "So all that means is the Fleet Captain is involved with a guy that owns an import/export business." he considers. "I'll even get rid of my warehouse contract on Takaar." he speaks casually as if all it would take is a subspace communication, a handshake and all will be well." he'll pull her close if she'll allow. "So in my opinion." he leans to touch his forehead to hers if allowed. "We should walk this path. Ignore common sense. Maybe thats the test. To see if this is worth it and if we were willing to do what it takes to be happy."

Po.Toocool nods slowly, allowing herself to lead into his warmth, "Perhaps it is better, still, not to be involved with someone in Starfleet. That can create problems too. But what about Shenshi? How will she... where will she live?"

Souleymane.Senghor shrugs it off, even as he holds her. "I do have friends that won't like my involved with a Starfleet." he agrees, understating the fact by a staggering amount. "But I'm a grown man. I'll do what I want and love who I love. They god nothin to say on it." he kisses her forehead. "I'll take care of my daughter. DOn't worry about her. For now she'll live with my sister. By the time the adoption goes through I will have a home for her. Someplace safe and pretty with decent schools for her to go to."

Po.Toocool "You and I both travel so much, but at least for now she is safe with Driss ... and Hars, I guess." She has no idea what Hars thinks of that. "I'm afraid," she laughs softly, "when it comes down to it, me, the great startfleet captain, is a simple girl afraid of the complexity and mysteriousness of getting together with someone else."

Souleymane.Senghor nods his agreement. "Well ... that *is* one of the reasons I need to settle down for a change. Driss loves her new niece but .... she got her own life to live so finding a stable home I can stay at maybe three or four weeks at a time and only be gone one or maybe eventwo weeks if even that much .... would help." he smiles down at her. "AIn't nothin wrong with being afraid." he tells her. "I'm kinda scared too. Last time I tried a relationship ... it was complicated and controversial and ... she wound up dead." he pauses. "But its worth it. You and me. Even with all the fears and all." he licks his lips. "Just have to want it bad enough, and I do."

Po.Toocool looks to him. "But why, you hardly even know me, how do you know... well I guess you told me in your own way," remembered conversations run through her mind, "It just seems so quick to me but perhaps that's because my sense of time is different from most humanoids."

Souleymane.Senghor chuckles when she seems to remember that he told her why. "I fought the whole love thing before. I can't remember if I told you or not ... Kattell and I used to fight ... and I mean fight ... breaking furniture fighting, throwing punches fighting .... cause neiher of us wanted what was happening to us to happen to us." he laughs softly. "Hell it wads a fight literally landed us up in bed .. so to speak." he sobers. "Now ... I see no point in fighting. I know how I feel and now so do you. But." he hplds up a single index finger. "I haven't asked you to marry me yet. Haven't even really *thought* about having children with you.

Souleymane.Senghor So I am not rushing headlong into this." he arches a brow. "I'm going to be twenty-eight in a little while." he tells her. "I got .. maybe a century left to live .. and that might be wishful thinking. SO maybe you should take advantage of me while I'm still in my prime." he suggests with a wink. She was so serious, he wanted to lighten her up a little.

Po.Toocool stays close to him as they have this important talk. The morning has hardly begun. This time always seems so quiet and peaceful to her. He mentions marriage and children and her eyebrows pucker, but then she stops herself from saying another "but" and smiles when he mentions his age, that reminds her she has promised Shenshi to help with gifts. "You're very old, really," she reaches a hand to touch his face.

Souleymane.Senghor watches her face contort and wonders if she blocks out negative words by rout. He leans his face into her hand. "I feel old, I'll tell you that much." he snorts. "Lived more than many men twice my age." he shrugs. "I'm half scared to ask how old you are, but I get the feeling I am dealing with an older women." he grins "Of maybe an older man?" he teases.

Po.Toocool shakes her head, smiling to him but her eyes serious, "I don't know how long I have lived in human years. I never measured time. I just was. I had to be in Starfleet to even understand how you measure time."

Souleymane.Senghor shrugs. "Doesn't matter to me. I assume you are older than I am. But ..." he strokes his face. "Maybe I should treat you as if you're at the end of your lifespan....." he strokes his chin again. He realizes he needs a shave.

Po.Toocool smiles softly, "I am as you see me. Not old, not young. The form does not lie. I cannot be... a young child or an old man."

Souleymane.Senghor nods. "Thats good to know. I'll be jealous if you still look like that when I am getting my first gray hairs." he winks. Then he pauses. "WOuld it bother you ... to know I have been with ... the same gender as I am?" he wonders. "I mean sexually?" he seems a bit anxious about this. COnsidering the weay he was raised, it may hgave been a problem culturaly.

Po.Toocool looks to him. "I don't think as yo... humans do. Most think only in girl and boy. But many species have more genders, and some have none. To me a gender is like a piece of clothing, to wear. It is not me, nor does it define who I am."

Souleymane.Senghor nods again. "Well, in some cultures it is a death sentence." he explains and sighs. "Alright ... I know you alittle better now. I suppose my biggest question .. and probably, knowing me and you, the most explosive is ..." he pauses. "WHy Starfleet?"

Po.Toocool "That is a good question. I'd been to many worlds and seen many things. But it was, unformed, in a way. I saw it but had no context in which to see what was good or right or decent as I knew nothing of others. I met not one of my kind in all my wanderings. I paid my way in all kinds of ways," she looks serious, "yes, even that, to go somewhere else. I grew tired of being used and of my own ignorance. So when I came on a transport to Pinastri, I decided Starfleet would allow me to travel, and be in contact with other beings, and provide some kind of order to my knowledge and exploration." She takes a deep breath.

Souleymane.Senghor grins vey softly. "So you used them." he pauses. "Have they ... researched you?" he wonders.

Po.Toocool "They recognize my species as being very rare and have a law that is to protect us. The things I have told you I am trusting you with, only a very few know of my species and they are sworn to secrecy. My medical records are locked and no one is permitted to sample my DNA."

Souleymane.Senghor seriouses up. "I wouldnt tell anyone." he reassures her. "And thanks for trusting me with that. I ... don't lump the species together like I was taught. Not after Kattrell." he shrugs. "And for the Federation ... I was raised in a very ... non technical way. So of course, a lot of the way I live might seem a little odd ... to someone like you." he tries not to think too fasr back to her shower only a few minutes ago.

Po.Toocool smiles, "We are both radically different than the norm, then, no wonder we fit," and she adds, "my exlove was Romulan. A former enemy of Starfleet welcomed into Starfleet. Very devious though. I wonder that they trust them at all."

Souleymane.Senghor chuckles. "No wonder. Opposites attract." he nods. "That makes more sense now. Although my personal experience is that humans can be as devious and dangerous as the Romulans. But maybe you had to have known the men in my family. My father and my brothers." he shrugs. "But all species can be devious, I believe. But I don't give my trust easialy. I'm pretty cynical."

Po.Toocool "I have met many sentient beings, and most seem capable of deciet. It's sad but true," she nods. Then she leans to him and kisses her chin. "Fate brought us together."

Souleymane.Senghor grins at the kiss. "See .. now you're catchin onto it." he teases. "But ... I don't know if its sad ... isnt there some kind of law that says everything has to even out? For every action there is an equal and opposite REaction?"

 Po.Toocool smiles again, "That's human, I guess. Others think differently. Others have been exploring the galaxies for many centuries, to them humans are very young and often arrogant."

Souleymane.Senghor nods. "Well, I can't argue that. I won't even try." he blinks. "Hey .. Don't get me wrong. You coming here was .. incredible .. a surprise and I love the time we've had but ..... why *did* you come here looking for me?" he wonders.

Po.Toocool sighs, "As I said before... everywhere we've been together, there is always someone else. Security, my crew, Shenshi, Driss, we've never truly been alone and uninterrupted. We had a ceremony and then I decided I'd take some time off and come and see you. I don't take any holidays at all, so no one can complain. I have one security officer who did helm, and he's on the shuttle, happy I guess to sleep or entertain himself without having to work hard. So there's just us here, unless your friend decides to disturb us."

Souleymane.Senghor smiles. "That was nice of you." he tells her. "Jude?" he mentions his friend. "He wouldn't do that. Not unless the moon was about to implode. And even then he'd probably only send one of the wolves or wolfhounds to warn me. He's a great guy .. well.. *I* think he is." he grins. Jude is like the father he never really had. "WHat was this ceremony? Did you get a medal or someting for saving all those women and children?" his tone is light and a bit teasing, but he expects her to get a comendation for doing something as sappy as they did.

Po.Toocool adds, "There are usually ceremonies and functions which I need to attend or preside over. We had a... Celebration of Life for Spock earlier this month, I think you know that. And they had a celebration for my anniversary... it's been exactly four years since I was given command of the colony. And yes I did also get a couple of awards."

Souleymane.Senghor nods with a grin. "Spock .. oh yea I remember now. He had a pretty solid career and all, from what I've learned." he can do his research when he needs to. Jude filled him in. "ANd four years eh? Nice. AND awards ...." he chuckles. "If you're still with me in four years they may be giving you a courts marshal." he keeps with the teasing, this one. Then he arches both eyebrows. "Do you *want* me to?" he sounds amazed she'd even consider it. "I mean .... I don't think you actually need to have me sitting onyour lap but ... I can find a place to be in the audience where you could see me ... you knwo be supportive without people knowin I am there..... If you wanted me to ... of course..." he wants to be supportive, but he always assumed the only Starfleet ceremony he'd wind up a part of was his own execution.

Po.Toocool shakes her head, "You don't HAVe to come but there are usually so many civilians from Astra that you'd blend into the crowd quite nicely I am sure," she says with a grin, "but it IS nice if I can practice my speech on someone, as I am never quite sure if it makes sense the way I think it does." Tilting her head, "Do I want you to? Sort of. It means a lot to me, of course. The pomp and ceremony... I often usse the occasions to speak of our goals here, of peace and a sense of family, and getting along without violence, you'd probably laugh at the naive words but I say them to inspire our crews and remind them we are the peacekeepers, not the warmongers."

Souleymane.Senghor consider it for a long time. "I'll come if you want me too .. and I will even listen to your speeck and *try* to think of it as if I am not the cynical son of a bastard that I am. I promise." he nods to himself. "And I will try not to laugh at the whole ... peace, serinity and family and not living wihtout violence .... stuff." he chuckles and looks at her. "I love it because it tells me you aren't ashamed of me."

Souleymane.Senghor consider it for a long time. "I'll come if you want me too .. dressed in my best. And I will even listen to your speech, and *try* to think of it as if I am not the cynical son of a bastard that I am. I promise." he nods to himself. "And I will try not to laugh at the whole ... peace, serinity and family and not living without violence .... stuff." he chuckles and looks at her. "I love it because it tells me you aren't ashamed of me."

 Po.Toocool looks to him "there's all knds of partners and spouses of Starfleet officers, all shapes and sizes and intelligence levels." She tilts her head, "I'd rate you pretty high on the scale of acceptability. Just no more time in the brig, okay? That would raise too many eyebrows." She lays her head on his shoulder

Souleymane.Senghor arches a brow. "So I'm your partner, am I?" he teases in is rumbling voice. "I like that idea." he chuckles. "No more brigtime, I promise. I've seen how nice they are but ... no thanks." he strokes her hanr a moment. "OK ... I better get in the shower and shaved and dressed. You probably need to go check on your guard before he gets bored to tears. And *I have a shipment of goods to deliver to The Cafe." he kisses her forehead and steps back turning to head for the stairs. "Partner .... I like that ... yea .... " he mumbles as he moves down the stairs to prepare to go back to Astra.