Colony Commander's Log
Stardate 140403
Ready Room, SS Astraios

It's been a day of paperwork for me. Catching up with the service reports and other details for the past month, looking ahead and making plans. Task Force Ictus has come up against some hostility two sectors over, some shots fired but so far everyone is alright and trying to come up with a diplomatic solution. Here at home some major changes, with the USS Prophetic being recalled to Pinastri, and the possibly of the USS Davy Crockett being reassigned as well. We've grown so much as a family it is very difficult to see people leave, however I understand this is often how it is in the military. People are posted for a number of years and then move on either because of orders or because of their own preference. Thankfully my responsibilities here are long term, as I really don't know where else I would go. I am not from Earth nor do I have any desire to live there. This is, for all intents and purposes, my home. I have no other. And I admit to a fondness for this planet, its odd way of being, there is a sense of consciousness here that could never be felt anywhere else.

Yesterday was a long and involved meeting of the Astraionian Council of Planets. I informed them earlier this week of the coup on Treman. Our intelligence agents there have been mum and I can only conclude that their lives are in danger or that they have been killed with those who would have been seen to support J'DaK. The House of Gomang was always unsteady on its feet, since they murdered Bu'Dok of the House of L'Telan and seized power in the last coup. I have no specific details yet but I suspect that Bu'Dok's brother, Ch'Kog, finally got his chance at revenge.

At present I have recommended to the Astraionian Council that Starfleet create a blockade around Treman. We already have regular patrols in the system. We need to avoid any move on Treman's part to attack Astra. They have always coveted this planet for a variety of reasons.

My heart goes out to the native people of Treman, like Astraionians, peaceful farmers and fishers, enjoying their festivals and marking their traditions. They were invaded by renegades and Klingon mercenaries and had no protection. Astra was a little ahead of them, their planetary shielding kept them somewhat safe. If we were not here, though, I believe this entire sector would be a seething pot of slavery and corruption. And that would spill over into the Delta Quadrant, if they ever knew what we guard here.

*Sighs and moves to the replicator* "Earl Grey, piping hot." *She takes the tea over to her ready room briefing table, setting it down next to a stack of PADDs. Standing, she fingers one, reading again the notes she has made.*

I could not tell the Council the source of my information about Treman, but I could assure them it was the absolute truth. In the end they decided to post double watches on the sensor arrays and planetary shield grid emitters. And, in a move that totally surprised me, they are going to enlarge their own military, the Astraionian Defence Force. The decades of peaceful coexistance with their neighbours at large appear to be over, thanks to the honourless Klingons and other brigands who have found refuge here in the Gamma Quadrant, well away from the prying eyes and controls of their own planetary governments and forces. We will stem the tide as best we can. We have a good fleet, and a strong back. We can carry the load.

*Sighs again, softly* I sound like I am writing a speech instead of a personal log. I guess I need to convince myself as much as anyone else. Very few are around to convince me... *chuckles, then falls silent.*

No word from Hars Darax. I did not expect any, it's impossible. Not only because of the nebula, but at this point in time we do not want any attention paid to N'doto. The last thing the Gatians need are Tremanites on their island, tucked away on a small moon at the very edge of the Takaar Nebula. But I admit I am impatient to know. Did he get there safely? Did he find Souleymane Senghor with Jude Murphy as expected? Was Hars able to help Souley? Is he getting better? When will they come home?

*Makes an impatient noise* I don't know. But I know someone who does. Might. Possibly know.

*Taps her combadge* =^= Transporter room, one to beam down to planet surface. Coordinates 23,44,22. Standing by. =^=

=^= Acknowledged Sir =^=