Stardate 140423
Ready Room, SS Astraios

I think I am as caught up as I can ever be, in this ever changing universe of concerns, problems, reports to read and write, items left on the back burner and even sometimes forgotten. 

I have been fighting to get to the end of a long pile of ‘to do’s’ so I could have a quiet weekend. Today of course was the usual Astraionian Council meeting, which I tend to dread with good reason. One is the long pontification of the representatives of Astra, who will recall everything they heard from the last speaker or speaker before stating their own thoughts. As a communication practice, repeating what you think you heard someone say before responding, is a useful thing. But in this context, it seems endlessly redundant.  It rather reminds me of a story from Earth I read while in Academy... there were creatures called ‘Ents’ who took most of a day to say hello to each other. 

The second reason I dread it is the building itself. The chamber sits high above the Colony proper, and its walls are glass. So I get to sit and see the grass, the ocean, the sun and the birds, but I am glued to an uncomfortable seat in full view of most members, for hours, while longing to be outside.

We are still struggling to get news of what has happened on Treman. Our blockade is stopping shipping from moving either in or out, but we have to keep our distance and have been unable to obtain any information at all. I am considering sending Hope and her team to see if they can get down there and infiltrate the city, possibly finding our agents in the meantime, assuming they are still alive.

Closer to home, the fire that leveled Beryl Village is still being investigated. Quite a few families were displaced and the twenty deaths is just appalling.  No one has yet reported to me the cause of the fire, which was so powerful most hardly had time to get out alive.  We are housing and feeding people best we can, and I understand the civilian agencies are pushing to get some homes built as quickly as possible.

And then there is... Souleymane. Souleymane Senghor. He and I have... I have revealed... *sighs*  I still don’t know how this is going to work. I have so many responsibilities, my time is hardly ever my own, and there is work to do, not just because it is my duty, but because it fascinates me, compels me, and I don’t want to feel that I cannot commit myself to it because I might make someone angry or feel hurt. What if I need or want to go on deployment for months at a time?  Will he come along with me like the other spouses, bringing his adopted child with him? I doubt it.  Not that I’ve been anywhere recently but the possibility is there, if the Colony itself is in good hands with my vice, then... well, I miss being on the bridge of a ship, exploring, seeing things I’ve never seen before, meeting sentient beings from different species and cultures.

I am... a traveller and although I have found a home base here... how can you... not wish to see more of this amazing universe?  That’s how Starfleet began....

*door chimes*

Computer, end recording.