Kat & the Chameloid

Kat Anjar walks out of the Hospital. She is essentially still off work because of injuries sustained in the explosion that occurred here. There were reports that the incident was the result of a bomb placed by the same person who had sabotaged SS Astraios, the USS Argonaut had given chase to a stolen shuttle that was unfortunately destroyed just outside the Takaar Nebula. Where it was going no one could say. Some said Treman, some said Takaar, some said perhaps it was The Apeiros making hay as the sun shines. They at least had sabotaged the USS Prophetic while it was just a hull at the shipyards. And then there was the Beryl Fire, no word on what had caused that but now nearly 50 people had been killed in the three incidents, and there where many more injured. It was not a good state of affairs, everyone was on edge. Gossip was ripe wherever she went, but no one had any real information.

The MCH was now surrounded by scaffolding and personnel scrambled up and down ladders, reconstructing the external shell now the frame of the building had been secured again. She turned and walked between the Hospital and the Science building, heading towards the Colony Commander's residence. Astra was beautiful this time of year, and she was looking forward to a stroll through the Fleet Captain's gardens before presenting herself. She was curious to know why she had been summoned.

Po Toocool nodded to the Steward, who had carefully tidied away all signs of this morning's meeting, a bleak meeting if ever she'd had one, nary a smile among them. She was glad they had gone ahead wih the Ball even after the explosions had occurred, people needed something light hearted after all that had been going on. She certainly did. She sighed, the Steward left, and she was alone with her thoughts again. Last night Souleymane had been understanding and supportive, he had surprised her. She'd expected a confrontation, instead he gave her compassion and consideration and even acceptance. She had agreed to his suggestion that she consult medical with regard to her health, and liked his idea of contacting Kat Anjar. Souley had offered his home for this, but Po had decided she would see Kat after the breakfast briefing that was held in her residence. She felt... she needed to be in control of the environment, and that she would need time to come to terms with anything the doctor might say. She would not exclude Souley, just make him wait a little while to hear the results. She stepped into her bedroom, unsure whether she should change or not... but then she recalled the Caitian appeared slightly nervous in her presence.

She takes out a simple yellow shirt and pants, and slips out of her uniform, hanging it up after disengaging the combadge and pinning it onto the blouse she has put on. She brushed her hair and pinned it up, once satisfied she stepped into the reception area. It was a pleasant day out, she had informed her Yeoman that she would be taking the day off. Her vice would attend the Council meeting. She would rest at home and was not to be contacted unless there was something truly urgent that required her to be present or make a decision. They all had their instructions. She had spoken with the head of the Astraionian Civilian Authority, discussing the possibility of raising the planetary shield on a permanent basis. He was to take the idea to Council. Glancing out the door, she observes Kat showing her credentials to Security. Suddenly she feels rather reluctant, wishing she had not told Souley she would do this.

Kat passes the security checkpoint and moves along the path through the fragrant garden, enjoying being out in the sun and air. She refuses to let her worries take her from the present moment, and pauses to look at the new blooms, and watch the butterflies flit around, and listen to the birds singing. She takes a deep breath. She does not want to be nervous in front of the Colony Commander!

Finally she reaches the cottage... which is surprising in itself. Many in such a high position would choose a mansion to broadcast their prestige, but not Poison Toocool. She lives in a simple cottage surrounded by gardens, and spends her free time outside, where she grows some of the fruits and vegetables she eats. Kat had seen the cottage from afar when visiting out patients at the House of Healing the Fleet Captain had created on her land. A perfect place for people to get well. As Kat thinks about that, she realizes that perhaps Poison is not so scary after all. She reaches her hand to knock then jumps when Poison appears soundlessly in front of her.

She walks through the door into a charming room, a small fire banked in the fireplace, comfortable chairs around it; a long table to the right which is used for briefings, and to the left an exit to what she presumed was the bedroom. Everything was light and airy, there were several exits to a porch that wrapped around the entire cottage, and green could be seen from every door and window.

"How beautiful," she exclaimed.

Before the Caitian could knock, Poison stepped into the doorway and gestured, indicating Kat should come inside. Her reluctance to have this... examination was increasing by the minute.

"Please make yourself comfortable," she says politely although her teeth are gritted. "May I offer you some tea?"

Kat places her medical bag on the floor next to one of the couches, turning to Poison: "Ma'am, I would gladly have tea but perhaps we should first check you over?" She senses that Poison is not too enthusiastic about this. "Would you like to sit here?" Kat knows that a biobed would make the collection of information about Poison's condition that much easier, but respects the fact that the Fleet Captain did not wish to be seen in the sickbay, especially right now with so many people trying to repair the Hospital or visit relatives.

Poison sighs and sits on the couch, rolling her shoulders back and shutting her eyes for a moment. "Nurse Anjar," she says softly, "What is your security clearance, please." Even though kat has left Starfleet her oath to never reveal top secret information would carry through to her death and beyond. She may not disclose any personal information about a patient anyway.

Kat takes a chair from the dining table and brings it over and puts it directly in front of her patient, and sits down, placing the med kit on the small coffee table, she opens it and takes out the medical tricorder.

"Level six, Stigma nine, Ma'am." Due to her work with the Caitain ambassador, and her personal attendance on other delegates or representatives at the Astaionian Council, Kat's security clearance was higher than most. Cait was a long time Federation member world and Caitians were a well respected species.

Poison shakes her head. Six was high, but not high enough. She doubts any clearance level would make her feel safe. The possibility of top secret information getting into the wrong hands was just too great. However the Stigma nine comforts her. "Anything you observe, examine or discuss with me from this point on is Classfied Top Secret and may not be revealed to anyone. You may not keep a log. You must remove all data from your devices," Poison points to the tricoder, "Do I make myself clear?"

"Understood, Ma'am," Kat says softly, bringing the tricorder to the position where it could read her patient's condition most effectively. As she reads the output her whiskers tremble. She wonders what this is all about.

An hour later, after the exam, tea and a chat are over, Kat steps back out onto the pathway and walks towards the Hospital.

Poison shivers. Despite the warmth of the spring morning, she feels chilled. She sits on a chair close to the hearth, some minutes pass while she thinks over what has just occurred. Finally, she closes her eyes, letting her mind go. In a moment, all that remains of her is the uniform on the floor, its combadge glinting in the light of the fire. The Wolf moves to an open doorway and slips out, heading for the forest and the mountain behind it.